Paul Grice Joins Marquis Media Partners


Last Updated: June 11, 2012 7:51 pm GMT
(June 11, 2012) Marquis Media Partners, has announced Paul Grice has joined the organisation as a new senior partner. Paul, who spent 32 years at the BBC, and 10 years in consultancy, now specialises in helping media organisations with their strategic reaction to technology and implementation of required changes.

“The market has been quick to adopt new ways to working such as the move to HD and 3D, delivery over web platforms and interfaces with social networking sites for example,” explains Paul Grice, senior partner, Marquis Media Partners. “However, these changes frequently result in the implementation of piecemeal solutions and there is now an opportunity for organisations to optimise their workflow and improve their offerings by taking advantage of more integrated solutions.

“My role will be to add value to companies looking to optimise their workflow by leveraging the best value from their systems from before the commissioning of content right through to all avenues of its ultimate distribution,” explains Grice. “This is an exciting opportunity, as quite simply, I will be helping organisations make technology work for them.

“The Marquis Media Partners team has been responsible for delivering change to some of the world's leading broadcast organisations,” confirms Grice. “I am particularly pleased to join such a well-established consultancy with a great reputation for the delivery of quality support. I very much buy into Marquis’ philosophy of working with clients to deliver support, based on clearly identified deliverables and the successful deployment of technologies.”

In addition to being able to supply some of the most experienced senior people in the industry, Marquis Media Partners has recently launched the executive interim resource website This gives the team access to a pre-vetted set of expert resources to deploy to projects, in order to help media organisations around the world whatever the project requirement.


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