Two All-New Follow Focus Devices Offer Accurate Slip-Free Movement


Digital Juice release the versatile and professional Standard Follow Focus & Follow Focus PRO

Last Updated: June 16, 2012 12:49 am GMT
(Lake Mary, Florida--June 16, 2012) Digital Juice® announced the expansion of its DJ Gear line of professional camera accessories with the release of all-new Standard & Pro level Follow Focus devices. Follow Focus units give DSLR, film and video camera operators both ergonomic and precision control over their camera lens when manually “pulling” or “racking” focus. Both of the new Digital Juice Follow Focus products mount easily to industry standard 15mm rails and are compatible with a wide variety of lenses and cameras (such as the Nikon D90, Canon 550D, 7D, 5D MKII and many more) as well as a wide variety of shoulder rigs.

Both the Standard and PRO versions utilize a gear-driven follow focus mechanism and rod-supported baseplate that ensure repeatable, smooth and accurate focus control. The follow focus unit's lens gear can be inserted from left or right, allowing the units to be placed on either side of the camera to accommodate both long and short lenses as well as right-and left-handed operators. Both units ship with one adjustable lens gear belt and wet erase style China Wheel so users can mark focus points to achieve repeatable, accurate focus pulls. The Follow Focus PRO also has adjustable A-B hard stops that will protect your lens from overcranking and provide for quick, repeatable racking between two points.

“As part of a DSLR camera rig, the DJ Standard and PRO Follow Focus products will give your location shots the polished look of a high-budget production,” says Viv Beason, President of Digital Juice. “By allowing you to get smooth focus pulls, they can add a high degree of sophistication you just can't achieve any other way. Both units are also designed to be used in conjunction with other industry standard accessories such as lightweight matte boxes and handheld rigs.” The industry standard accessory port on both Standard and PRO units will accept a wide range of whips, speed cranks and other compatible accessories.

Another additional feature available on the DJ Follow Focus PRO is the quick release clamp. The quick release is compatible with the industry-standard 15mm rods on a variety of lightweight camera rigs. The design of the clamp allows you to mount or remove the follow focus unit from your rig without disturbing any of the other accessories which may be attached to the same rail system. “This is a ‘must’ for pro DSLR shooters who are likely to have other important equipment attached to their camera rigs such as an LED light, LCD monitor and external audio recorder to name a few,” says Beason.

Common Features on both Standard Follow Focus & Follow Focus PRO

A completely gear driven design offers slip-free, accurate and repeatable focus movement
The Gear Drive can be mounted on left or right side of camera to accommodate a wider range of lenses, as well as left- or right-handed operators
Industry standard sizing means your DJ Follow Focus will fit just about any 15mm lightweight rail system
An adjustable baseplate makes for easy left, right, forward and backward maneuverability to fit a wide range of lens diameters and lengths
The focus wheel contains an industry-standard Accessory Port which gives you access to a wide range of whips, speed cranks and other compatible accessories

Additional Features Specific To Follow Focus PRO

Adjustable A-B hard stops protect the lens from overcranking (especially in autofocus lenses) and allows for quick, repeatable focus racking between two points
A quick-release clamp allows you to install and remove the follow focus unit from your rails without sliding it on and off or disturbing other accessories

  • Weight: Standard Follow Focus - 12 oz; Lens gear belt - 1 oz; Follow Focus Pro - 1 lb 1 oz, Lens gear belt - 1 oz
  • Fits Rail Distance: 60mm
  • Fits Rail Diameter: 15mm
  • Materials: Nylon, ABS, high-grade machined aluminum
  • Index adjustment: 360 degrees
  • Gear MOD: industry standard .8

Pricing & Availability
The new Digital Juice Standard Follow Focus retails for $399 and the Follow Focus PRO for $549 and can be purchased through Digital Juice's online store at Digital Juice occasionally runs promotions so check the website for special pricing incentives.

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