Mr. Wonderful Adorns Carnegie Hall with a Modern CBS Flair for 2012 Upfront


Last Updated: June 19, 2012 10:22 pm GMT
(New York, New York--June 19, 2012) New York-based design/animation boutique Mr. Wonderful transformed historic Carnegie Hall into a CBS wonderland for the network’s 2012/2013 season upfront. Consultants on the animation design for last year’s CBS upfront, the Mr. Wonderful team was called upon once again to elevate this year’s presentation to a new level by entirely engulfing the audience in the CBS experience from the moment they set foot in the iconic theater.

Collaborating closely with the CBS Creative Team as well as the event set designer, lighting designer and projectionists, Mr. Wonderful utilized trompe l’oeil style projection on screens covering the Carnegie Hall proscenium in order to design graphic transitions that would change the whole space and create a variety of moods throughout the presentation. The massive projection operation required 18 overlapping projectors and took 2 ½ days to set up. Notes Mr. Wonderful’s Damien Henderson, “Until you actually see the images projected, you really cannot fully visualize the experience. When we first saw them, it was unbelievable—so enormous and transformative.”

Pre-show 3D animation designs counting down to the start of the show with live DJ remix.

Mr. Wonderful worked with the CBS West Coast Promo Animation Team, CBS Executive Producer Jane Gottlieb and CBS Creative Director Lacy Daigle to incorporate the CBS branding into the historic venue, utilizing CG projections to depict transformative moments in the show, essentially delivering scenic changes through shifts in the graphic animations. Notes Mr. Wonderful’s Beirne Lowry, “Bringing the CBS branding into the entire space highlights the power of the network’s current #1 ranking. It was enjoyable to see how the graphics truly transformed Carnegie Hall into a home for CBS!” The network currently boasts 8 of the top 10 shows on TV.

Mr. Wonderful’s blank slate: projection screens prior to the show.

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