Softel New Online Resources Explain How To Simplify Subtitling and Captioning Processes To Reduce Costs


Last Updated: June 21, 2012 7:13 pm GMT
(Pangbourne, England--June 21, 2012) Softel announced today that it has published a number of application notes to help broadcasters better understand how to streamline their subtitling and closed captioning processes to reduce operational costs. In these documents, Softel explains how the integration of transcoding software into leading media servers can simplify complex workflows and deliver considerable reductions in engineering costs.

Broadcasters and cable operators need to find new ways to reduce the ever expanding complexity of their workflows. To monetize their content across several regions and answer consumer demand for IP based delivery, workflows now encompass multiple channels delivered over a variety of new platforms and in a range of subtitled or captioned languages.

Specific delivery formats are required for each of these new platforms, adding to the multitude of legacy file formats often encountered in large cross-regional workflows. So versatile subtitle and caption transcoding software, able to support a large range of file formats is essential, but critically, it is smooth integration with media servers that will most dramatically reduce operational costs and simplify the overall workflow.

Softel’s new set of application notes explain how subtitle and caption transcoding software interface with leading media servers to automatically deliver the right format for the correct channel and in the desired language. They offer detailed technical diagrams that present a variety of workflow configurations, provide practical tips on how to reliably repurpose subtitle and caption data for edited content and explain how to perform automatic QC.

“Our transcoding software is constantly being updated to support the newest formats.” said Sam Pemberton, Chief Executive Officer, Softel. “Our strategy is to partner with leading DAMs and media server manufacturers to reduce the complexity of modern workflows. We understand that, ultimately, broadcasters and cable operators want transparent subtitle and caption processes that deliver reliably, whatever the language, format or platform and without any expanding operational costs.”

These application notes are available from the Softel website.

More information on Softel products is available at and via email at info (at) or by telephone at +44 118 984 2151 in the United Kingdom or +1 203 354 4602 in the United States.

About Softel
Softel is a global leader in key TV and video technologies. The company specializes in closed captioning, subtitling, video description and ancillary data processing software as well as headend components and interactive, second screen and connected TV solutions, all delivered through a full range of products, professional services and bespoke development.

Based in Pangbourne, near Reading in Berkshire, England, Softel also owns Softel-USA LLC, which focuses entirely on the Americas from its metro New York location. With almost three decades of broadcast experience, Softel has built an impressive network of partners worldwide and a prestigious customer list that includes the biggest names in the broadcast industry.


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