Visual Effects Trio Launches Synaptic VFX


New boutique teams artistic and technical resources for films, commercials and 3D stereo productions

Last Updated: June 27, 2012 6:05 pm GMT
(Burbank, California--June 27, 2012) Visual effects artists, Shant Jordan, Shahen Jordan, and Ken Gust are launching a new Burbank-based, visual effects boutique, Synaptic VFX. The company is well-positioned to provide VFX design, production, 3D stereo conversion and DI services for feature films, commercials and 3D stereo conversion productions.

Left to right images: Ken Gust, Synaptic Post Supervisor; Shahen Jordan, Synaptic Creative Director; Shant Jordan, Synaptic VFX Supervisor

The team represents a synergy of the critical skill sets for successful visual effects production; aesthetic vision, creative talent, mastery of complex CGI and compositing, along with digital workflow, DI, and editorial for finishing finesse. Opening their own business is the logical next step for the partners who greatly value their extensive experience working with so many of L.A.’s top VFX companies. Shant’s body of work supervising and producing visual effects reaches throughout the genres of feature film and television series and video games, while Shahen is best known for his extraordinary artistry in the arena of matte painting, concept art and environmental design. Gust adds his experience in the critical areas of post supervision including DI workflow, stereoscopic conversion and finishing to balance the leadership mix.

This seasoned team offers their specialization in matte painting, concept design and virtual environment development to the earliest stages of production design and pre-visualization. This focal point for the firm combines the Jordan brothers’ complementary skill sets: Shahen’s gifted fine art and painting talents with Shant’s dexterity in 3D CGI and compositing. Notable, recent credits in this arena include the majestically detailed, planetary Earth-scapes for The Green Lantern, and a stylized series of environments for Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland 3D. Core plans for the studio include building upon these strengths to form a “serious art department” to reinforce Synaptic VFX being known as a go-to, creative shop.

Years working within the visual effects industry has informed Synaptic’s choice of service offerings. The partners have earned a positive reputation for knowing how to “make it happen” by reliably delivering sequences to meet clients’ expectations, budgets and deadlines. As a result, the new company is poised as an ideal resource available for integrating into productions in a variety of roles; to develop concepts, execute visions or to answer calls for help. Synaptic VFX accommodates a full array of VFX production and post services including:

  • Two dedicated editing bays fully equipped for audio editing and mixing, online conform, color grading, and digital delivery; working with 4K and stereo 3D material in real-time.
  • Compositing services, including projection, camera tracking, and stereo 3D match moves.
  • On-set supervision of VFX, motion capture, green/blue screen
  • Pre-visualization animatics including depth plans for stereo 3D sequences
  • Shot and sequence review in the on-site 2D/3D screening room
  • 3D stereography and 2D-to-3D stereoscopic conversion for feature films and television series

On board as executive producer, VFX and 3D Stereo veteran, Rebecca Ramsey, acknowledges the key specialties of the Synaptic team noting, “It’s exciting to see the partners combining their individual strengths, especially in concept art and environment creation, into a united force. They know what it takes to execute and deliver a client’s vision and their capabilities are backed by their track record of strong aesthetics and solid delivery. They’ve done it for other companies and now that they are doing it for their own studio, their productions will be even more infused with their talents”.

The Burbank location was strategically selected for both its proximity to the major motion picture studios and for its direct access to high-speed digital wiring and infrastructure to support the company's delivery of large-scale 4K and 3D stereo files.

The group has taken the studio’s design a step further to create an environment that will serve as a home base or a landing stop for their clients. The open floor plan includes well-thought areas ranging from a convertible screening room/lounge which can be enclosed by automated, Bond-esque, black-out curtains. Synaptic’s also offers clients a stage for motion capture, green screen and insert shoots. There’s even a designated music area for clients and employees to unwind in spontaneous jam sessions. Originally designed by the partners in CGI, so they could better envision the studio within their most native format, areas are accented with several unique artistic touches designed by Shahen such as custom iron work, decorative sculptures and a signature graffiti mural installation.

Synaptic VFX
Synaptic was launched to offer the combined visual effects expertise of the company’s three partners; Shahen Jordan, Ken Gust and Shant Jordan. The result is a junction of creative and technical talents ready to provide VFX design, production, 3D stereo conversion, DI, editorial, and finishing services for feature films, commercials and 3D stereo productions. This knowledge base is further enhanced with the industry acumen that executive producer, Rebecca Ramsey adds to the studio’s leadership. With backgrounds in independent film, traditional animation, business development, fine art, theatrical production, digital workflow, acting, and stereo 3D production, they’ve all worked in start up companies before. Now they are thrilled to be opening up their own studio to expand their talents to their fullest potential. Beyond their work that you’ve seen in The Green Lantern, Alice in Wonderland, and Where the Wild Things Are, they’ve also contributed to the visual effects and 3D Stereo effects in Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3D, Night at the Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian, Iron Man, Terminator Salvation, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Get Smart, and From Dusk Till Dawn in addition to an array of commercials, television series and specials and games. Synaptic’s artfully designed Burbank-based boutique expresses the expansion of a team with the passion and ability to make things happen for their clients, with efficiency, artistry and respect. It’s a place where harmonious skill sets are uniting in full force to a meticulous effect.

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