Cinesky shines in Doha, Qatar


Last Updated: July 9, 2012 9:45 pm GMT
(July 9, 2012) The Cineflex V14 has distinguished itself as one of the finest gyro-stabilized camera systems, once again. Cinesky was contracted to shoot for a bouquet of TV shows for a prominent local channel in Doha.

Upon arrival, little time was wasted in rigging the system to a powerful high speed tracking vehicle, Harfi. Powered by two 300Hp Yamaha outboards, this 35ft speed boat was an unusual choice for a camera platform. The brief for the first of many pre-dawn sorties was; beautiful town and scenic recordings of Doha's spectacular skyline.

Ken Hodgson from Grips SA, mounted the gimbal, using a GFM Jib arm, which was supplied by Take2 films in Cape Town. Running at speeds of up to 35 Knots, the jib, enabled Ken to place the 42X lens in the ideal position to shoot spectacular city scapes. The shoot days were generally divided into two sessions, making the most of the great early morning and afternoon light and staying out of the sweltering forty five degree plus heat , in the middle of the day.

The following days saw more boat action as the Cineflex shot for several reality shows, soon to be aired in Qatar. Offering the production the highest quality stabilized images, possible, the Cineflex added value to a sterling production. Lyndal Davies, the clients representative and managing director said:" I was amazed at the quality of work produced by the cineflex and the team operating it. The pictures were superb."

Falk Eggert from Cinesky added; " Although the harsh conditions were daunting at times, the Cineflex proved itself as a hardy high-end system, the perfect value add for a production of this calibre. This shoot was possibly a first for this type of gyro -stabilized filming in Qatar. We are more than satisfied with the results and can't wait to work with our friends in Qatar again."


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