Animated Title Templates with Dramatic Style in New Toxic Type® 8


Digital Juice releases Toxic Type Collection 8 featuring cinematic-themed text-centric templates for Adobe After Effects®

Last Updated: July 27, 2012 9:50 pm GMT
(Lake Mary, Florida--July 27, 2012) Digital Juice® announced today that it is releasing Toxic Type™ Collection 8 for Adobe After Effects: Cinematic III. The Toxic Type collections feature a variety of ready-to-use Adobe After Effects® templates that contain expertly-designed text-centric animations with title text and supporting graphics presented in a lively and attention-getting manner. After Effects artists can build projects around these animated text designs or simply add the ready-made title segments to any multi-segment production for a polished cinematic look that will grab the viewer’s interest.

This new collection of customizable text animations features movie-themed After Effects templates that are perfect for network TV, film and corporate productions, giving your titles the professional, polished feel of a high budget film. “One of the weakest aspects of many productions is the treatment of text and the integration of titles with footage and graphics,” says David Hebel, CEO of Digital Juice. “These fully developed text-centric animations present titles and text information in a lively yet logical and attention-getting manner. You can build your project around these animations or drop them into an existing multi-segment production with minimal customization to add just the right touch of polished sophistication to your titles.”

In Toxic Type™ Collection 8 for Adobe After Effects: Cinematic III, you will find over 60 unique After Effects projects in 16 coordinated sets available as an instant download. The additional extendable edit-friendly segments included for most looks make it easy for artists to shorten, lengthen or customize the project animations to exactly match the needs of their productions. After Effects artists will find stimulating color choices, eye catching 3D animations and looks that are ideal for everything from show opens and station IDs to broadcast and cable TV bumpers, announcements, DVD menu designs, corporate presentations and much more.

Animations in this package include a mystical portal that opens and closes to a distant place somewhere in time, a crime scene-style animation filled with particles of glass and mysterious fibers and a time-lapse sun dawning majestically over an island paradise - to name just a few of the cinematic-style animations in this collection.

Feature Highlights
  • Over 60 different projects in 16 coordinated sets, including alternate camera motions and additional animated content, provide a wide variety of looks to handle most types of productions.
  • Instantly download the product immediately after purchase.
  • Complete customization with the ability to take projects apart, change colors and fonts, add your own elements, turn on and off layers or adjust timing.
  • Edit-friendly segments provided for most of the full length project templates make the task of customizing the projects even easier. Build your own version of the project by placing template segments on your timeline to create your desired edit or extend the length of each segment to up to 15 seconds.
  • Includes the most commonly used size formats for HD and SD projects so no matter if you work in Full HD, 720P, PAL, or NTSC you have access to the right project for every situation.
  • Unlike projects from other sources, you receive ongoing and in-depth training through DJTV that shows you exactly how to use and customize the projects.
  • Nothing is hidden or impossible to get at. You have complete access to the well-organized project just as the animator designed it. No matter what your skill level you can learn something new by analyzing how the projects are set up before customizing them.
  • Developed using only the effects and features built into After Effects for seamless compatibility. No third-party plug-ins required.

System Requirements:

Adobe After Effects CS4 & Above
XP Professional SP2 / Vista / Windows7
Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
Min of 1 GB system memory

Adobe After Effects CS4 & Above
OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors
Min of 1 GB system memory

Application Support:

Requires Juicer 3.89a or above (Free Download)

Browse, Search & Select
Digital Juice® provides a free Windows® and Mac® utility, Juicer™ 3, that makes it easy to browse, search, and select from any of the Toxic Type™ Collections. Once a project is selected the user has the ability to set the resolution and then collect and send all or select project elements to After Effects®.

Pricing & Availability
The new Toxic Type™ Collection 8 for Adobe After Effects: Cinematic III can be ordered through Digital Juice's online store ( The collection’s retail price is $249.95 but it can often be purchased in special promotions for as much as 60% off. Check the website for details on specials. The company's free Juicer™ 3 software can be found at

About Digital Juice®
Digital Juice® is the world-leader in royalty-free broadcast animation content for video, motion graphics and multimedia professionals. Digital Juice® products are in use in nearly every major studio, broadcast, and cable station including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HBO, CNBC, Fox News, and countless high profile television shows such as American Idol and the Grammy Awards. The company provides royalty-free animations, music, stock footage, organic film effects, graphical fonts, layered Photoshop® illustrations, After Effects® project files, plug-ins and production gear to a wide variety of video, motion graphics, print and web enthusiasts. The company is known for its extremely high quality and innovative content as well as for its aggressive and affordable pricing.


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