XMiL Workflow Tools releases EDL-X, a tool to convert Final Cut Pro X XML to a CMX 3600 EDL.


Last Updated: August 1, 2012 5:23 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--August 1, 2012) XMiL Workflow Tools announces the release of EDLX, an application that generates industry-standard Edit Decision Lists (a.k.a. EDLs) based on XML information from Apple Inc.'s video editor Final Cut Pro X. The EDLs made by EDL-X comply with the CMX 3600 standard. This standard is widely used in the prost-production industry to supply timecode information describing the composition of edited video programs to the tools used further down in the finishing pipeline. Those applications include color correction, as well as final picture and sound assembly.

"EDL-X will help facilitate workflows that start in Final Cut Pro X and then go on to any of the many established finishing tools used in the post-production industry", says Rainer Standke, Principal at XMiL Workflow Tools. "The CMX 3600 standard for EDLs is like a lingua franca that is understood by virtually any modern post-production tool. EDL-X should help integrate Final Cut Pro X nicely into today's post workflows. It is great to see it available to the post community at long last."

EDL-X is available on Apple's Mac Appstore as of today. The purchase price is US $99.00.

About XMiL Workflow Tools
XMiL Workflow Tools develops solutions and tools that facilitate workflows leveraging the power of metadata in film and video post-production. For more information, please visit http://www.xmil.biz or contact Rainer Standke at rainer@xmil.biz or +1 323 957 0668. Review licenses available upon request.


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