Top Secret: Cut+Run’s Joel Miller Tapped For Ethel’s Campaign


Last Updated: August 3, 2012 10:28 am GMT
(August 3, 2012) Cut+Run’s Joel Miller was enlisted by agency DDB to edit spots for a top-secret campaign for Ethel’s, a little known beer brand that was about to take over Cannes. The spots were part of an elaborate and clever self-promotion for the agency disguised as a true product launch, complete with spots, print, party sponsorship social media and custom ordered and designed bottled brew.

The digital spots were shot on D5, Alexa and 8mm and then treated in Flame to make it look as if the footage was shot on VHS, Hi8 video for a home-spun aesthetic. The same was true for the edit, forcing Miller to “work against my training and experience” to employ awkward cuts for a hand-hewn feel. In other words: painful, but in a good way.

“It’s always great to work with Mark Denton and Sara Cummins from Coy Communications and DDB NY gave us creative license to make the digital spots as crazy as possible,” says Joel Miller. “It was fun to keep it all secret and then to see what the response was once the cat was let out of the bag.”

Advertising Agency: DDB Worldwide / DDB NY
Global Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood
Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Digital Executive Creative Director: Joe Cianciotto
ACD/Art Director: Carlos Wigle
ACD/Copywriter: Aron Fried
Copywriter: Katie Riddle
Senior Art Director: Shawna Laken
Digital Art Director: Megan Sheehan
Digital Art Director: Charlon De Graav
Digital Copywriter: Frank Cartagena
Digital Art Director: Sam Shepherd
Digital Art Director: Patrick Jones
Digital Copywriter: Step Schultz
Digital Copywriter: Luke Carmody
Digital Art Director: Rachell Newell
Designer: Juan-Carlos Pagan
Head of Broadcast Production: Ed Zazzera
Producer: Katy Fuoco
Account Supervisor: Heather Olson
Director Of Digital Production: Paul Sundue
Digital Senior Producer: Carly Ferguson
Digital Producer: Andy Tarradath
Digital Account Coordinator: Hawley Tremblay
Director of Print Production: Leslie Silver
Print Producer: Kim Oetting
Senior Project Manager: Andy Wong

Design/Production Company: Coy! (London)
Design Director: Mark Denton
Designer: Mark Denton
Graphic Designer: Mark Denton
Typographer: Andy Dymock
Photographer: Sean de Sparengo
Director: Mark Denton
Executive Producer: Sara Cummins
Production Manager: Tanya Speight
DP: Sean de Sparengo
Assistant Director: Fern Berresford

Photography Studio:
Tag Creative (London)

Smoke & Mirrors Design London
Studio 8 / DDB NY NY

Editorial: Cut & Run
Editor: Joel Miller
Assistant Editor: Ben Jones
Executive Producer: Rana Martin
Producer: Melati Pohan

Post Production: Moving Picture Company (New York/London)
Managing Director: Graham Bird
Executive Producer: Justin Brukman
Producer: Christos Mountzouros
Producer: Jamie Loudon
Colourist: Aline Sinquin
Flame Artist: James Adamson

Music & Sound Design: Finger Music & Sound Design (NY)
Music Producer: Ewa Miller
Music & Sound Design: Dave Hodge

Casting, Record & Mix: Sound Lounge (NY)
Mixer: Seth Phillips
Executive Producer: Jill Silberstein
Producer: Andrew May
Casting Director: Carrie Flaverty


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