MR.X Expands to NEW YORK CITY!


Last Updated: August 7, 2012 12:19 am GMT
(New York, New York--August 7, 2012) MR.X is excited to announce our expansion into the New York City feature film landscape with the opening of a new cutting-edge digital studio. The recently acquired 4000 square foot space, nestled conveniently in NYC’s film district, will be home to our New York City studio, equipped to provide the full scope of visual effects capabilities, including; photo-real CG creatures, CG environments, FX and compositing for both traditional and 3D formats.

Looking to strengthen MR.X’s global positioning, President Dennis Berardi believes that New York has a lot to offer. After careful consideration it seemed to be a good fit, taking into account the competitive NY tax incentives and the independent, artistic foundation of the film community, which strongly mirrors our Canadian filmmaking roots. As film tax credits strengthen so has the influx of features into the state. MR.X intends on filling the growing need for a dedicated feature film visual effects facility.

We will hit the ground running with the support of MR.X Toronto’s sophisticated pipeline and rendering resources, transplanting the well-established MR.X quality of visual effects which has been developed over 12 years and 70 films into production upon opening.

With 35 seats to start the studio will be headed up by Eric Robertson, VFX Supervisor/Producer. Robertson brings a seasoned understanding of the entire filmmaking process from production through to post, with a career spanning over 20 years in the industry. Dennis has had a long history working with Eric at MR.X and believes that Robertson’s past 7 years working in the New York film community makes him a natural choice to head up the initiative.

MR.X NYC will be in full production Autumn 2012, providing visual effects on The Mortal Instruments, while several undisclosed projects are in the works.


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