Object Matrix Launches Nearline Storage Products at IBC 2012


Last Updated: August 20, 2012 8:54 pm GMT
(Cardiff, UK--August 20, 2012) Object Matrix, developer of integrated nearline storage solutions will be present at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) Amsterdam from 7th to 11th of September to launch its new product MatrixStore Quattro and to demonstrate enhancements to MatrixStore Server and MatrixStore hardware.

Object Matrix has once again chosen IBC to launch a new product: MatrixStore Quattro. It is a resilient nearline storage platform that is delivered in a very compact form factor. Designed mainly for small production facilities, on-site rushes protection and OB (Outside Broadcast) workflows, the MatrixStore Quattro provides for those organisations that need a cost effective solution with the option of adding new capacity as a simply plug and play operation.

MatrixStore Quattro provides between 24 and 32 Terabytes of raw disk storage in four compact MatrixStore nodes. Up to four Quattro chassis can be combined to scale to 128TB of nearline storage. Each node has SSD (Solid State Drive) metadata controllers and provides the option to have one of the four nodes in MatrixStore Quattro converted to a client PC or server to combine applications and resilient storage in the same form factor.

Jon Morgan, CEO of Object Matrix said, "We designed MatrixStore Quattro because our customers expressed the need for a small form factor highly-reliable solution for the on-site protection of rushes and to use in the outside broadcast environment. The Quattro provides the functionality and workflows of the enterprise MatrixStore in a cost-effective and easy to install and use solution. It has a compact size so it is excellent for small production facilities. It enables you to store and use data securely wherever and however you are creating that footage.”

With two stands at IBC, (6.C28a and 7.J15d) the leading developer of scalable object based archive systems will be demonstrating the enhancements in MatrixStore Server Software 3.0: improved performance with the introduction of SSD technology to the metadata handling routine and 4TB enterprise drives that provide 48TB capacity in a 2u form factor.

Version 3.0 of MatrixStore server software, available in Q4 2012, brings the following enhancements:
• New replication schemes that allow the replication of multiple vaults to a central vault
• Improved search facility with more filters and options for refined in-built search
• Easier vault management
• Improved statistics showing historical vault usage
• New data re-balancing feature that consent to optionally re-balance data when nodes are added

Launched at IBC in 2011, InterConnect, the archive plug-in for Avid Interplay continues to be very popular with broadcasters and facilities across Europe that require a secure, scalable nearline solution. InterConnect 1.3.1, available immediately, adds the following functionality:
  • Multiple Resolution Support: choose to archive all resolutions associated with a clip or just the full resolution
  • Scheduled Archiving: let the user define when the data is moved
  • Option to delete the content after a successful archive job

Appointments with sales and technical teams at IBC can be booked by contacting Object Matrix: sales@object-matrix.com or +44 (0) 2920 382308


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