Displaying the Wonder of the 3D World Two Homegrown Start-ups Innovate 2D-3D Video Conversion Technology & 3D Multi-Angles Camera


Last Updated: August 21, 2012 2:40 am GMT
(Hong Kong--August 21, 2012) With the series of stereoscopic 3D movies released in this summer blockbuster season, it is clear that movies from the 3D world are received more favourably. Also attracted to the wonder of three-dimensional space, two local start-ups under the Incubation Programme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC), namely City Image Technology Ltd and 3D Pro Ltd, have introduced their 2D-to-3D video conversion technology and 3D Multi-Angles Camera respectively.

High Quality 2D to 3D Video Conversion
Since the release of Avatar, film makers are jumping on the bandwagon to produce stereoscopic 3D movies. However, on-site 3D shooting is rarely adopted because of financial and technical restraints. Mr John Tang of City Image Technology Ltd commented, “Professional stereoscopic rigs are much more expensive than general monocular cameras. Apart from the need to acquire additional equipment, stereo post-production also requires a lot more labour and investment, as its workflow is very complex and less established than the one for 2D. Most producers would thus turn to the more cost-effective alternative - 2D to 3D video conversion.”

In response to market needs, Mr Tang’s company has innovated a conversion software to turn 2D sources into high quality 3D videos that are fit for cinema screening. “We have developed a set of automatic algorithms to separate the objects into different layers in every single frame. After some automatic processing, we would further adjust the objects, shapes and depth in the scenes to ensure the finest 3D video quality.” Mr Tang said. Generally speaking, it only takes a week to convert a 3 minute video. Despite the high quality and efficiency, their service rate is very competitive, which is only one-third of the market price.

Mr Tang and his partners have been devoted to conducting research of 3D technology since they graduated from the City University of Hong Kong in 2000. Sharing the same mission, they believe “Glasses-Free 3D” will be the way to go. Mr Tang said, “Our prime focus will be on conversion of TV commercials for advertisers. With the recent launch of the first nationwide 3D television channel by China Central Television (CCTV), we are optimistic about the market potential of this sector. ” Bundling its service with the prestigious Glasses-Free 3D Display “Dimenco”, City Image provides a total 3D solution from HK$60,000 and up to their clients in the retail and media industries.

This image is intended for 3D viewing

An Instant 3D Camera
Targeted not only at commercial markets, Mr Tang’s senior alumnus Mr Anthony Lai has founded 3D Pro Limited and recently launched his “3D Multi-Angles Camera” for capturing and developing instant 3D photos. He said, “This camera is a breaking invention! Currently, there is no such instant 3D photo creation device in the market. People have to spend considerable time to convert a 2D photo to 3D using special software. Now with our camera, users can enjoy the fun of taking instant 3D photos!”

The “3D Multi-Angles Camera” is capable of capturing 30 shots of a still set object within a second. Equipped with its unique software, the 3D camera swiftly processes the captured images and combines them into a stereoscopic image. He said, “It is easy even for an average home user - they only need to print the image and place a piece of complementary raster on it, the objects in the photo would suddenly seem to come alive!”

With the 3D effects, the people and objects become more lively and vivid. “Our ‘3D Multi-Angles Camera’ is particularly good for capturing precious moments in life, for instance, during family gathering, wedding or graduation ceremony. The stereoscopic image would offer viewers a whole new dimension of sight! ” Mr Lai added. Apart from household use, 3D Pro Limited is exploring collaboration opportunities with amusements parks in offering this spectacular experience to their visitors.

About City Image Technology Ltd
The goal of City Image Technology Limited is to be pioneer in the development of 3D realistic view generation through timely innovations. It provides high quality service of 2D to 3D conversions in formats of photos, TV commercials, TV episodes and films etc. City Image Technology Ltd is currently an incubatee of the Incu-TechTM Programme of the HKSTPC.

About 3D Pro Ltd
3D Pro Limited specialises in providing a total solution in glasses-free 3D display technology. It provides services to convert 2D video and picture to special glasses free 3D display, which is ideal for advertisement to capture viewer attention. 3D Pro is currently an incubatee of the Incu-Tech TM Programme of the HKSTPC.


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