Vidispine and Cantemo to provide first DAM on MatrixStore Quattro


Last Updated: September 3, 2012 5:25 pm GMT
(Cardiff, UK--September 3, 2012) Object Matrix, a leading developer of secure nearline archive systems, Vidispine, innovators in media asset management software and Cantemo, leading software developer in the digital media industry, have announced that Cantemo Mediabox, built on Vidispine technology, will be the first digital asset management solution available on the new MatrixStore Quattro platform.

Object-Matrix recently launched MatrixStore Quattro, a solution designed for outside broadcast workflows and smaller post production facilities. It provides a highly resilient nearline platform that is cost effective and comes in a very compact form factor. Starting with 24 terabytes of storage the Quattro takes up just 2u in a standard 19” rack, adding more capacity is a simple plug and play operation. Using the ‘4th’ node as a client or server enables the MatrixStore Quattro solution to deliver multiple workflows in a single platform. Running Linux or Windows operating systems on the client node means that you can provide client applications and storage without the need to extra servers that take up valuable space.

Vidispine and Cantemo today announce that they will be the first provider making a full blown DAM and MAM available on MatrixStore Quattro platform. In Cantemo MediaBox, users will be able to do all the things they expect from a content management solution including transcoding, metadata management, file ingest, logging, archiving, etc.

Object-ect-Matrix and Vidispine’s sophisticated integration is particularly appealing to the media and creative industries. The organisations in these industries are facing complex workflows that have to manage process and deliver many hundreds of terabytes of digital content. Managing where content is and ensuring it is both protected and authentic has proven a very expensive problem to solve. The integration of Vidispine and MatrixStore goes a long way to solving many of those problems, allowing staff within those organisations to concentrate on core tasks that generate value for the business and not waste cycles managing data.

“MatrixStore Quattro is well in line with where we believe the broadcast and media market is heading. By giving smarter and better tools that are easy to install and make use of, users can focus on other challenges” Erik Åhlin, CEO, Vidispine.

“Our customers want solutions that can be installed in a matter of minutes, that integrate into their current working practices without too much drama and that provide a seamless path for expansion. MatrixStore Quattro bundled with the powerful MediaBox DAM from Cantemo and Vidispine provides such a solution”. Nick Pearce, co-founder, Object Matrix.

The integrated Vidispine/Cantemo/MatrixStore Quattro solution is available from Q4 2012 direct from Object Matrix and their worldwide network of business partners.

About Object Matrix
Established in 2003, Object Matrix is a software company based in Cardiff, Wales, dedicated to the development of advanced, secure file-based systems for the broadcast and post-production industry. Its flagship product, MatrixStore, is used worldwide by national broadcasters, Hollywood studios and content creators. Object Matrix also provides consultancy, training, systems integration and support services.

About Vidispine
Vidispine is an enterprise grade Media Asset Management backbone. The capabilities are exposed by well documented and robust RESTful APIs which work with any modern programming language. Vidispine let Software Developers and Service Providers easily build new innovative rich media solution. Vidispine scales from small archives to multi-site deployments and is agnostic in regards to OS, storage, media formats, application servers, databases and ITinfrastructure.

About Cantemo
Cantemo provides flexible software and solutions for the digital media industry. The Stockholm-based company specialises in developing intuitive and streamlined media management solutions that can be natively incorporated into other software as well as in-house developed tools and back-office systems. Cantemo’s plug-in based infrastructure allows for custom configuration including adding new features and functionalities (Apps), and re-skinning of UIs (Themes) for users on an individual, work group or division specific basis.


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