Bridge Technologies’ VB330 Core Network Probe Adds Bulk OTT Engine


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Last Updated: September 3, 2012 5:39 pm GMT
(Oslo, Norway--September 3, 2012) Bridge Technologies is shipping a new heavy-duty OTT monitoring engine for its high-performance VB330 core network probe. The engine’s advanced OTT monitoring capabilities combined with the VB330’s high capability for traffic analysis make it a powerful solution for deployment at head-end origin servers and core locations both before and after the content distribution network.

The optional Bulk OTT Engine can be enabled on any existing VB330 to provide sophisticated monitoring of large volumes of OTT streams. The OTT engine tests manifest files, profiles, chunk download speed and many more parameters, to deliver comprehensive data on OTT service quality, together with customizable alarms to alert staff to potential or actual problems. The engine supports Smoothstream, HLS and HDS, and is M-DASH-ready.

Designed for extremely high-density applications at points of maximum data throughput in today’s 10GB core networks, the VB330 with OTT option offers telcos, network operators, and digital media organizations a monitoring solution with the potential for scaling to match almost any level of throughput.

“Bridge Technologies offers the most complete and sophisticated solution for monitoring OTT services, extending from ingest right through to the viewing device,” said Simen Frostad, Bridge Technologies chairman. “The VB330 is the powerhouse of the system, and with the Bulk OTT option, operators can be assured of massive monitoring capability that will scale easily to support any number of streams.”

OTT monitoring capability can be added as an option to the entire line of Bridge Technologies probes, to give true end-to-end OTT monitoring capability alongside monitoring of cable, satellite and terrestrial services, without adding unnecessary extra layers of infrastructure. Operators of ‘TV everywhere’ and OTT services can now monitor OTT data quality and performance at all points in the delivery chain, from ingest onwards.

Deployed anywhere in the delivery chain the active OTT technology gives accurate continuous evaluation of OTT stream availability and delivery in that part of the chain, correlated against data from probes located upstream and downstream. Intelligent self-configuration capabilities ensure minimal set up requirements, without requiring specialist knowledge, and operations center staff can start monitoring streams simply by entering the url. Operational staff can monitor OTT services within Bridge Technologies’ familiar graphically-rich advanced monitoring environment, alongside broadcast-IP services.

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Bridge Technologies ( creates advanced analysis, measurement, and monitoring solutions for the digital broadcast and telecommunications industries. The company’s award-winning products and solutions provide an advanced platform for converging digital media services employing stream-based IP packets. Compatible with all major industrial standards, the system is the most comprehensive monitoring and analysis environment available, with probes for DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, VSB, DVB-S/S2, analog RF, ASI, all IP streams including OTT services, and unique portable field probes for RF and IP monitoring.


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