Grass Valley Launches New LDX Series of High Quality, Upgradeable Cameras


Last Updated: September 8, 2012 12:54 am GMT
(Amsterdam IBC, Netherlands--September 8, 2012) Combining business flexibility, operational excellence and outstanding image performance, Grass Valley® today announces the launch of the LDX Series™ of camera systems. The LDX Series — initially consisting of the LDX Première™, LDX Elite™, and LDX WorldCam™ — signifies the next step in image acquisition.

With uncompromised performance in 1080p50/60, full compatibility with Grass Valley's line of 3G Transmission solutions and stunning 1080p/1080i/720p images, the LDX Series is the industry’s most advanced range of cameras. The LDX Series is based on three completely new, state-of-the-art, third-generation CMOS imagers – Grass Valley’s Xensium-FT™. The LDX Series boasts an ergonomic design with time saving features such as improved color management and automated controls, allowing operators to concentrate on creativity.

The Grass Valley team of imaging scientists – led by Dr. Peter Centen - has a heritage of over 50 years in the development of imaging technology, and has been at the forefront of every breakthrough in image capture, from the development of the Plumbicon tube to flexible DPM CCD’s that could operate in any format natively, and now the next generation, high-performance CMOS imagers. Honored with six Emmy® awards for camera technology, the LDX Series represents the ultimate fusion of imaging innovation and the proud legacy of cameras that have captured the world’s historic moments for decades. These models provide stunning images, based upon true 6k image acquisition with the brand new Xensium-FT imagers.

The new LDX Series offers a truly ergonomic shoulder-pad - the ComfortPad™ - which has been developed in close co-operation with physiotherapists and camera operators from around the world. The shoulder pad reduces the need for handheld camera operators to subconsciously lift their shoulders to level shots, reducing muscle tension, enabling the camera to be held for longer and ultimately preventing strain or injury.

Another key feature is ArtTouch, which significantly enhances the creative possibilities of the camera within live broadcast productions. ArtTouch provides users of the LDX Series with a new level of automated image processing, to achieve optimum camera performance.

Control integration is dramatically improved with a PickMe button, which enables the cameramen to attract the director’s attention; an Endless Returns feature enables the user to choose their own return channel via a Grass Valley routing switcher; the Scene Direct function enables the recall of camera scene-files directly from a Grass Valley switcher; full remote control over all camera functions via any IP-link using Connect Gateway; and finally, DigiTally - the industry’s first all-digital remote Tally protocol over IP.

“This new generation of cameras has been developed with a strong focus on reducing operational costs, a major concern for many customers,” said Marcel Koutstaal, Senior Vice President of Cameras at Grass Valley. “Our portfolio of products allows smart links between various roles in the production process, saving time and money during every phase of the production. It’s our passion to offer solutions that enhance our customers’ creativity to a level even we couldn’t have imagined.”

The LDX WorldCam
The truly flexible multi-format camera system with an advanced feature set for the most demanding applications. With superior image sensitivity, this camera system provides 1080p production without the challenge of additional lighting requirements.

The LDX Elite
A multi-format camera system full of artistic features for high-end production in all the different 1.5G video formats, including 1080psf. It includes advanced ComfortPad ergonomics, and additional controls for gamma and depth of field.

The LDX Première
The high-performance economical dual format HD camera optimized for all basic broadcast applications, offering an outstanding cost performance.

Pricing and Availability
The LDX Series of cameras are now available. Prices range from $60,000 to $100,000 for a complete camera solution.

Grass Valley’s LDX Series of cameras - LDX Première, LDX Elite and LDX WorldCam - will be demonstrated on booth 1.D11 at IBC2012.


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