Grass Valley and Riedel Communications Combine Technologies to Develop Extremely Flexible Camera Communications Infrastructure


Last Updated: September 8, 2012 4:07 am GMT
(Amsterdam IBC, Netherlands--September 8, 2012) Grass Valley®, the Premier Video Technology Solutions Company, and Riedel Communications, specialists in real-time signal transport solutions for video, audio, and communications, today announced that they have combined forces to develop one of the industry’s most flexible camera infrastructures for outside broadcast. The two companies have created the MN-GV-2 interface card that enables Grass Valley’s LDK and LDX™ cameras and base stations to integrate with Riedel’s MediorNet.

Using the MediorNet real-time fiber network as a signal transport and routing platform for HD video, audio, communications, and data, Grass Valley cameras can be easily assigned to any connected base station. This offers unparalleled flexibility during set-up, and eliminates the need to re-configure cameras and base stations should initial set-up configurations change.

Video signals can be routed to several outputs using MediorNet's point-to-multipoint capability, with signal transport, routing, processing, and conversion combined into one real-time network solution. Ultimately, the Grass Valley camera system becomes an integrated part of the MediorNet backbone for signal distribution—streamlining studio production, sports broadcasting, and other fixed-installation productions.

The MediorNet MN-GV-2 card contains two Grass Valley ports that connect to any combination of cameras or base stations. The card supports all LDK and LDX video and sync formats including 1080p50 and 1080p59.94.

“The integration of the Grass Valley cameras into the MediorNet system is a step forward for HD camera infrastructures,” said Thomas Riedel, founder and CEO of Riedel. “It allows broadcasters to place cameras exactly where they need them to be without the headache of having several kilometers of cabling to readjust each time.”

“Our collaboration with Riedel has created a unique solution offering broadcasters a major competitive differentiator,” said Marcel Koutstaal, Senior Vice President of Imaging Systems for Grass Valley. “They can now use the best camera solution on the market with the most flexible and innovative networking system.”

A range of Grass Valley products will be showcased on booth 1.D11 at IBC 2012.

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