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Last Updated: September 8, 2012 4:18 am GMT
(Amsterdam IBC, Netherlands--September 8, 2012) At IBC (Amsterdam, Sept. 7–11), Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) demonstrates its full range of innovative technologies that underpin today’s entertainment ecosystem, from audio and video content creation to distribution and playback.
Building on its unique cinematic heritage, Dolby helps content producers and partners deliver the best possible five-screen entertainment experience—at the movies, on TV, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Dolby 3D
A highlight of Dolby’s presence at IBC this year is the first European demonstration of glasses-free Dolby® 3D. Setting a new benchmark in comfortable, customizable 3D viewing, Dolby 3D is a suite of technologies developed by Dolby and Philips® that’s applied to both content and displays. This allows viewers to enjoy vibrantly crisp, clear full HD 3D images on virtually any glasses-free 3D display and at any screen size.
• Glasses-free 3D—Dolby 3D is an autosterescopic system, assuring spectacular, easy-to-watch images that can be enjoyed without glasses from any viewing angle—making 3D a more communal, inclusive experience.
• The more flexible, personalized 3D experience—Products with a full implementation of Dolby 3D will allow users to adjust the intensity of the 3D viewing experience to their liking.
• For any viewing environment—Dolby 3D provides a uniquely scalable 3D viewing experience that consumers can enjoy across a wide range of devices, from TVs and computers to tablets and smartphones.
• Better for broadcasters—Dolby 3D is a broadcaster-friendly solution, upgrading half-resolution 3D signals by adding a low-bandwidth enhancement layer while maintaining full compatibility with existing devices. This allows broadcasters to deliver spectacular, consistent 3D images for viewing on TVs and other devices, with minimal impact on bandwidth requirements for streaming or content downloads.

Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby® Digital Plus continues to bring authentic, immersive sound to an ever-widening range of devices and entertainment platforms.
• Consumer success story grows—As confirmed at IBC this year, Dolby Digital Plus is now integrated in more than 920 million consumer products worldwide, including products from the top 10 TV manufacturers. Dolby Digital Plus offers a consistently high-quality audio experience that scales across any listening environment—from HDTV, home entertainment systems and set-top boxes to tablets and smartphones.
• Coding efficiency doubles—The latest technical enhancements to Dolby Digital Plus further broaden its appeal as the de facto choice for broadcasters, telcos, and over-the-top (OTT) content providers to deliver a premium surround sound experience to their customers. At IBC, significant encoding advancements are being demonstrated that allow Dolby Digital Plus to deliver cinematic 5.1-channel surround sound at 192 kbps—half the data rate typically used by traditional broadcast services today. Combined with smart adaptive streaming and in-device playback optimization, these efficiency gains translate into bandwidth savings that provide opportunities to deploy value-added extras such as surround descriptive audio or multiple languages.
• Embracing new-generation delivery platforms—Fully compatible with today’s key delivery and DRM frameworks, Dolby Digital Plus is a highly scalable solution for distributing high-quality audio across multiple platforms and devices, from IPTV to mobile. Dolby’s commitment to the multiscreen ecosystem is underlined with confirmation at IBC of support for Dolby Digital Plus Pro by Elemental Technologies’ Elemental® Server. This file-based processor offers fast, reliable video transcoding of SD and HD content, spanning a wide range of devices and distribution requirements including UltraViolet™ (CFF).
• Broadcaster support grows—A feature of key global standards for terrestrial, cable, satellite, and IPTV services, Dolby Digital Plus continues to be implemented by a rapidly growing number of broadcasters and operators. Recent key developments include its adoption for terrestrial TV platforms in the Czech Republic and South Africa, plus extensive use in the new HD service from TrueVisions, Thailand’s biggest pay-TV operator.

Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200
Dolby restates its continued commitment to the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 with an intuitive new remote control application for iPad® and support for 48 frame-per-second (fps) cinematic content. Meanwhile, the latest sales to leading postproduction facilities in Europe, the United States, and Asia demonstrate the multiple award-winning monitor’s growing popularity with a diverse range of TV, commercial, and feature-film clients.
• New remote control app for iPad—Leveraging one of the most popular devices in the postproduction pipeline, a new remote control app offers intuitive, real-time access to the PRM-4200’s features and settings with the portability and freedom of an iPad. Developed in direct response to customer requests, the facility-class iPad app can control one or more monitors, and it may be used either with or without the monitor’s dedicated hardware remote control.
• 48 fps high-frame-rate (HFR) support added—The PRM-4200 meets the need for the growing demand in high-frame rate capture and display for digital cinema as advocated by directors Peter Jackson and James Cameron. Dolby has added support for content shot at a rate of 48 fps. The monitor already supports 60 fps, and expanded support for 48 fps is part of a set of new features that enhance the content-creation process and reduce the cost of ownership involved in postproduction.
• Delivering diversified content—The PRM-4200 continues to gain enthusiastic industry acceptance from directors, cinematographers, and colorists as the new standard in accurate monitoring. Recent customers include
* Park Road Post Production – New Zealand's pre-eminent post production facility has recently acquired two new Dolby PRM-4200 monitors. Dave Hollingsworth, Head of Picture and supervising Colorist says: "These monitors are a fundamental part of our picture post production pipeline. They round out our offer and allow us great flexibility by providing additional color grading support suites during our busier periods.”
* The Farm—a UK-based facility that has used the PRM-4200 for a number of TV shows including the hit series Downton Abbey.

Filling the gap left by reference-grade CRT displays, the PRM-4200 delivers true blacks, exceptional dark detail, high contrast, wide dynamic range, and precise color rendering. Dolby’s patented dual-modulation display technology produces images of the highest quality possible on a flat-panel monitor.
The Dolby Display Calibration Service for the PRM-4200 gives a highly cost-effective way for facilities to maintain the most precise color accuracy and true black levels. This service significantly reduces the cost of ownership by removing the need for facilities to invest in expensive calibration equipment.

Meet Dolby at IBC
To view Dolby’s audio and video solutions, visit the Dolby booth (#A31) in Hall 2.


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