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The Pixel Farm announce price reductions on PFTrack and PFMatchit

Last Updated: September 8, 2012 5:04 am GMT
(Marden, Kent--September 8, 2012) The Pixel Farm Ltd, a leading developer of innovative image processing systems for VFX, DI and restoration, today announced a re-alignment to the pricing of its industry-leading 3D camera tracking and matchmoving applications, PFTrack and PFMatchit.

The Pixel Farm entered the visual effects realm in2003, taking the 3D world by storm with PFTrack. The tracking and matchmovemarket has changed significantly, and The Pixel Farm have remained leaders; not just in terms of the technology they develop, but also awareness of its market and the value they bring to it.

In an effort to proactively position its products within reach of an ever-diversifying commercial landscape, coupled with the pending release of PFDepth (which benefits from the data created in its matchmovingapplications), The Pixel Farm is realigning its pricing structure to make its tools even more accessible to a broader, ever expanding market.

The latest release of PFTrack 2012 delivers new technology, such as support for full resolution raw LIDAR scans and continues to position PFTrack well ahead of the rest of herd.

Already the industry-leading 3D camera tracking and matchmoving application, PFTrack is now available for £1000 / $1600 / €1200.

It was recently announced that PFMatchit will replace PFHoe as the entry point to The Pixel Farm’s professional VFX matchmoving technology, in support of this, PFMatchit is now available for £300 / $480 / €360.

Featuring the same flowgraph architecture, key algorithms and workflow of PFTrack, the focussed toolset of PFMatchit makes it the “trenches” tool, ideal for the day-to-day tracking of 3D camera and object motions in both single camera and stereoscopic scenes. With an emphasis on the principles of matchmoving, PFMatchit is now available at a price that makes it accessible to every desktop.


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