HELLO! Welcomes Newest Addition, Director/DP Ron Fricke


Last Updated: September 8, 2012 5:36 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 8, 2012) HELLO! is pleased to announce that the talented and accomplished film maker, Los Angeles native Ron Fricke, has joined the roster at HELLO! & Company.
Fricke has many talents, nearly all of which led him to contribute his wonderful eye as the DP for Koyaanisqatsi, the renowned nonverbal art film, in which he experimented with many previously obscure film techniques. Fricke used time-lapse, slow motion, and optical phase printing to present familiar images from a completely new perspective, leading Koyaanisqatsi to win a 1983 Filmex Award.

Indulging his passion for 70mm, and his determination to make life-affirming films, Fricke proceeded to direct and co-produce Chronos, an innovative, nonverbal, IMAX format film that won the Grand Prix Award at the first Festival International Omnimax de Paris in 1987. For Chronos, Fricke designed an IMAX format compatible camera with the capacity to shoot motion-controlled images. Fricke also directed and photographed the film Sacred Site in 1986, an IMAX format short on Halley's Comet and the night sky.

His varied early work helped to build his feature directing instincts, which led him to direct Baraka, a nonverbal feature film photographed in 70mm in over twenty countries around the world. Baraka develops the themes of our interconnection, and also transcendence, themes which Fricke began to explore early on in the film Chronos. In order to capture the exquisite rotating star fields in the film's finale, Fricke designed and built a more flexible and complex version of the 70mm time-lapse camera rig he designed for Chronos. Fricke directed, photographed, co-edited, and co-wrote Baraka in 1992. Baraka received numerous festival awards including the International Critics Award (FIPRESCI) for Best Picture at the Montreal World Film Festival and was nominated by the A.C.E. for Best Documentary Editing, and jump-started his successful directing career.

Born in Burbank, Fricke’s family moved over to Germany for 5 years during his early childhood. “I’ll never forget the contrast between the United States and Europe as I grew up. I lived mostly on the California west coast moving back and forth thru the southwest... I was very influenced by the art and architecture of Europe that I experienced at an early age, it stuck with me.” Travel lead Fricke to developing an early love of beautiful landscape and scenery, and the real beginnings of a career was born.
“I grew up watching films by David Lean, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman. Right now I’d say my film mentors are Francis Coppola and George Lucas and I’m also a very big fan of James Cameron.” Over the last decade, Fricke has directed and shot a variety of notable commercial campaigns for Jeep, Holland America, Star Alliance and Nokia, among others. He was director of photography on Francis Ford Coppola's HD experimental feature film project Megalopolis, as well as a second unit director of photography for Lucasfilm Ltd. on Star Wars Episode III.

I’ve known HELLO! EP Mike Brady since our time in Santa Fe, NM when we both were living there some years ago. I partnered up with Mike and we did our first run of commercials together and have remained friends since. HELLO!'s reputation and long track record of success speaks for itself.”
After five years of production, Fricke has a new film releasing titled Samsara (2012) a feature length nonverbal film photographed in 70mm in over twenty six countries. Samsarra was conceived as a guided meditation on the cycle of birth death, and rebirth. Fricke directed, photographed, co-edited, and co-wrote Samsara, which is just being released for fall of 2012.


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