ASSIMILATE Store Now Offers Beauty Box Plug-In and LiveGrade Color Management Software to Enrich SCRATCH Capabilities


Powerful Facial Makeover Plug-In and Color Management Solution Speed Artist and DIT Workflows

Last Updated: September 8, 2012 5:57 am GMT
(Santa Clara, California--September 8, 2012) The ASSIMILATE Store™, the unique on-line marketplace to discover, trial, and purchase SCRATCH Lab®, as well as third-party software and selected hardware accessories for the SCRATCH® end-to-end data workflow and post-production tool, now offers the Beauty Box Video OFX plug-in from Digital Anarchy and LiveGrade Color Management Solution from Pomfort.

The Magic of Beauty Box
Beauty Box Video is a powerful skin retouching plug-in that allows SCRATCH artists to give actors and models a natural makeover in post-production via state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms. Beauty Box automatically identifies skin tones and removes imperfections, while leaving important facial details sharp. Editors and artists no longer need to create masks frame-by-frame, gaining the advantage of a much faster workflow.

“Skin retouching and beauty work can be among the most highly challenging and time-consuming components of any finishing project,” commented Leandro Marini, Founder of Local Hero Post in Santa Monica, CA. “In narrative work, the product is the talent; it's what draws people to a film. So as you can imagine, actors and directors are often more particular about the final results of skin re-touching than about the clean up of other aspects of a scene.”

Marini added, “The ability to access a powerful tool like Beauty Box from inside SCRATCH is not just a huge creativity boost, but a big time-saver as well. OFX plug-ins like Beauty Box, Neat Video and GenArts Sapphire have become indispensible tools because I don't have to interrupt the creative process to use them. They’re just a natural extension of the SCRATCH interface. OFX support is one of the unique things about SCRATCH that makes it our DI workflow tool of choice at Local Hero.”

Transforming with LiveGrade
LiveGrade is a powerful look and color management solution that enables DPs and DITs to interactively adjust and preset colors of images coming directly from the camera. All color adjustments arranged in LiveGrade are viewed in real-time as a live image for the color space of the camera. This allows the production team to immediately see a color-corrected image, on-set, for the director’s or client’s review. This enables a highly collaborative workflow and huge time-savings for all parties.

The set-up is easy: Once LiveGrade software is installed on a Mac OS® X computer, it interacts between the camera and the monitor via an HDLink. To cover a wide range of possible workflows in production, LiveGrade offers comprehensive import and export capabilities in 3D LUT, CDL and XML file formats.
“LiveGrade is an outstanding companion to SCRATCH Lab”, said Thomas Wong, DIT in New York City. “It streamlines the process in an elegant and efficient way, letting me get my looks quickly and lining them up flawlessly in Lab. I never have to worry about the pipeline because at its core, the LiveGrade workflow was designed to integrate with Lab. I really love this combination, and I love the fact that I can get them both from the ASSIMILATE Store.”

Shop On-line at the ASSIMILATE Store
"The ASSIMILATE Store continues to be the best place for SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab artists to explore and purchase the third-party products that comprise the ever-growing SCRATCH ecosystem,” said Steve Bannerman, VP of marketing at ASSIMILATE. “Digital Anarchy’s Beauty Box OFX plug-in and Pomfort’s LiveGrade are outstanding additions to both the SCRATCH ecosystem and the ASSIMILATE Store. Both are game changers and significant productivity enhancers – perfect complements to SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab.”

Price and Availability
Available immediately on the ASSIMILATE Store, Digital Anarchy’s Beauty Box Video Plug-in is priced at $199.00 USD. Take advantage of this limited offer: Beauty Box is now available on the ASSIMILATE store for $159.00 USD until September 30, 2012. Download a trial version of Beauty Box from the ASSIMILATE Store at: See for more product details.
Pomfort’s LiveGrade Look and Color Management Solution is also available immediately at the ASSIMILATE Store, priced at $479.00 USD. For purchase or to download trial software, go to

For reseller and pricing information for SCRATCH, see SCRATCH Lab is available on the ASSIMILATE Store, priced at $5995; for a trial version, see

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