SMT Chooses Vinten Vector 750i Encoded Heads for Sports Broadcasting Graphics


Last Updated: September 10, 2012 3:09 am GMT
(Valley Cottage, New York--September 10, 2012) The Vector 750i from Vinten, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, is becoming an integral part of virtual sports broadcast graphics.

Real-time on-screen graphics pioneer SMT cites the Vinten Vector 750i encoded pan and tilt head as a key to the Durham, NC company’s ability to produce its virtual graphics product and service offerings that have become staples of sports broadcasts. These include SMT’s virtual first down line for football and SMT’s virtual telestrators, which allow color commentators to diagram plays over live or replayed video.

Vinten’s Vector 750i pan and tilt heads provide 1 million data points through 360 degrees of pan or tilt motion. SMT Vice President of Research and Development Hans Weber said this degree of exacting accuracy allows the SMT graphics-rendering engine to put such graphics in rock solid position on the field.

“Any perceived motion in the first down line destroys the illusion that it’s actually part of the field,” he said. “The goal is to make the first down line look as though it’s painted on the field just like any other yard line or field marker, and to accomplish that task, the first down line must remain still, even as the camera is panned, tilted and zoomed. The high resolution of the 750i encoded pan and tilt head is required to allow our rendering engines to maintain that illusion.”

Weber said that the built-in encoder of the 750i is a genuine advantage. “Previously, when we had to retrofit a head with a bulky encoder on the outside, it made for a much larger package, a package that intruded on the space of the operator. With the 750i, it is transparent to the operator as to whether he’s using an encoded head or not. This means we don’t have to ask a camera operator to make any accommodations due to the fact that he is operating an encoded system.”

The 750i is built to feel and perform just like Vinten’s non-encoded Vector heads. Weber said: “Almost everyone who does sports television likes to use a 70 or 700, and the 750i feels, responds and behaves just like its 70 and 700 brethren.” He noted an additional advantage of having the encoding system built into the 750i head. “Having the encoder encased within the 750i’s housing, means the encoder is less susceptible to weather fluctuations, which increases the robustness of the overall solution we can offer our clients.”

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