ALEXA Updates: Sup 7.0, Extended Warranties & ARRIRAW Tools


Last Updated: September 11, 2012 4:20 am GMT
(Amsterdam IBC, Netherlands--September 11, 2012) The latest free-of-charge software update, as well as new extended warranty options and third party ARRIRAW tools, see ALEXA continue as the most advanced and versatile digital camera system on the market, offering a predictable cost of ownership and a long-lasting return on investment.

ALEXA Software Update Packet 7.0
ARRI provides significant new features to all ALEXA owners through free Software Update Packets (SUPs). The ability of recording ProRes 2K onto SxS PRO cards, available in 16:9 as well as in 4:3, is the next exciting step as well as improved image quality through new processing algorithms. All ALEXAs will have SUP 7.0 installed, and all existing models can be updated free of charge for registered camera owners at in November 2012.

Major New Features of SUP 7.0
• ProRes 2K 16:9 for all ALEXA cameras
- while ProRes HD is great for HD television transmission, ProRes 2K 16:9 is great for theatrical distribution since no rescaling is needed in post.
- record QuickTime/ProRes files to in-camera SxS PRO cards
- record 2048 x 1152 pixels in all ProRes flavors from 0.75 to 60 fps

• ProRes 2K 4:3 for ALEXA Studio, ALEXA Plus 4:3 and ALEXA M
- 4:3 allows shooting with anamorphic lenses on a budget, allows more space for vertical repositioning when using spherical lenses
- record QuickTime/ProRes files to in-camera SxS PRO cards
- record 2048 x 1536 pixels in all ProRes flavors, 0.75 to 48 fps

• Improved in-camera regular speed image processing
- cleaner high contrast edges and crisp fine detail = sharper images
- for HD-SDI, ProRes and DNxHD from 0.75 to 60 fps

• Improved in-camera high speed image processing
- better rendition of flat color fields and a cleaner image
- for HD-SDI, ProRes and DNxHD from 60 to 120 fps

• 3D sync for ALEXA M enables 3D synch on all ALEXA M cameras
• Low Contrast Curve (LCC) ARRI Look File preloaded on each camera
- LCC has more highlight range than plain Rec 709
- in contrast to Log C, no extra delog step is needed before editing

• One extra user button on camera right
• New user button options: capture GUI (take .png of camera display screen and save to SD card), MON OUT look (turn chosen look on/off), EVF look (turn chosen look on/off)
• Numerous other user interface improvements and tweaks based on your feedback

ALEXA Extended Warranties
ALEXA Extended Warranties are designed to reduce the fixed costs of ownership after the camera’s first year of warranty has expired. Each extended warranty covers one ALEXA camera for one year. The plan covers all parts and labor required due to defects in materials or workmanship that prevent the camera, any installed options and the viewfinder from operating within factory specifications. Cameras serviced under warranty (original or extended) have priority in the repair queue. Pricing begins at 3,950 €.

ARRIRAW Processing
ALEXA’s ARRIRAW format is supported by the most important postproduction and visual effect players in the market. Unlike other camera formats, ARRIRAW delivers raw, uncompressed, unencrypted data and does not ‘bake in’ any camera settings, allowing maximum flexibility in post. File handling is simple and painless.

The list of third party tools and applications continues to grow:

Certified for ARRIRIAW processing:

• Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
• Assimilate Scratch
• Autodesk Lustre
• Autodesk Smoke
• Colorfront On-Set Dalies (OSD)
• DFT Flexxity
• Digital Vision Nucoda
• Éclair ColorUsDailies
• eyeon Fusion
• Rohde & Schwarz DVS Clipster

Tools with ARRIRAW support:

• Adobe FrameCycler and Speedgrade
• Autodesk Flame
• Black Magic Design DaVinci Resolve
• Filmlight Baselight
• Gluetools Toolkit for FCP
• Marquise Technologies Mist
• MTI Film Control Dailies
• Pandora Revolution
• Quantel Pablo
• SGO Mistika
• Tweak RV
• The Foundry Nuke (Q4/12)
And more…

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About ARRI:
With headquarters located in Munich, Germany, Arnold and Richter Cine Technik (A&R) was founded in 1917 and is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera, digital intermediate (DI) and lighting equipment. The ARRI Group comprises a global network of subsidiaries, agents and representatives that covers all aspects of the film industry: design, engineering, production, equipment rental, turnkey lighting solutions, post production, film and sound laboratory services, and visual effects. Manufactured products include the groundbreaking ALEXA digital camera system, film cameras, professional camera accessories, cutting edge LED lighting and DI solutions such as the ARRISCAN and archive tools. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI’s engineers and their technical contributions with 18 Scientific and Engineering Awards.

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