ShootersINC Produces Emmy-Nominated Campaigns for Comcast SportsNet


Last Updated: September 12, 2012 7:59 pm GMT
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--September 12, 2012) ShootersINC, the creative and production authority, produced two campaigns for Comcast SportsNet, which were recently nominated for Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards.

ShootersINC handled production and post on the projects Online Coach, nominated for New/Program/PSA Campaign and Phillies Aces, nominated for New/Program/PSA Single Spot. The winners of the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards will be announced on September 22, 2012.

The Online Coach campaign, concepted by One Trick Pony, won a Gold medal at Promax in June and was specifically created to promote Comcast SportsNet’s team of “Insiders” as well as to drive traffic to the CSN’s “Online Home of Philly Sports”, In the :30 spot “Click and Roll”, Comcast SportsNet’s Online Coach leads a press conference with CSNPhilly reporters regarding his job and end goals. The coach’s Q&A with CSNPhilly’s team explains how simple it is to access everything a Philadelphia sports fan needs.

“The Online Coach was a great success for us as well as our agency and ShootersINC,” says Comcast SportsNet Creative Services Manager Gena Krug. “The campaign not only increased downloads of the mobile app by more than 18,000 but traffic increased more than 22 percent to the site overall.”

In the :30 spot “Pep Talk”, the CSNPhilly coach motivates the Comcast SportsNet online team to be on top of the latest sports news – especially the Philadelphia Phillies, 76ers, Eagles and Flyers—and inspires them to score big time by giving fans up-to-the-minute information on their favorite players. The spot highlights the many ways Comcast SportsNet incorporates social media as well as the web site to keep sports buffs in the know.

“We were very happy to develop and produce the CSN campaigns Online Coach and Phillies Aces,” says ShootersINC Executive Producer Cris Andrei. “The concepts were very sharp. Coach was great as it was character-based. We all worked very closely with our director Jim Bartolomeo in casting and prep to contour the character and give it life. With careful prep and great support from CSN both “Click and Roll” and “Pep Talk” were shot in one day.”

The Phillies Aces spot, concepted by SportsNet with production and post by ShootersINC, was created to highlight Phillies pitchers and to drive viewer traffic to Comcast SportsNet to watch the game live. In Phillies Aces, a magician uses sleight-of-hand and “magic” to transform five ordinary playing cards into five outstanding Phillies pitchers: Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels and Blanton.

“Aces stood on its own as a model of concept efficiency, which translated directly into the production,” says Andrei.

ShootersINC and CSN pulled out the pre-pro stops, hiring an actual magician and creating specific pre-printed playing cards for later manipulation in post. Next the team combined precisely choreographed and rehearsed card-dealing with closely monitored graphics in postproduction. The deceptively simple spot promotes just how Comcast SportsNet brings the “Magic of Phillies Sports” to the fans.

The Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award winners will be announced on September 22, 2012.

Online Coach: “Click and Roll” and “Pep Talk”
Comcast SportsNet:
AGENCY One Trick Pony

EDITOR Matthew Burres
COLORIST Janet Falcon
DIRECTOR Jim Bartolomeo

Phillies Aces:
Comcast SportsNet:
CONCEPT Matthew Hess

EDITOR Steve Wheelock
POST PRODUCER Mark Reidenauer
DP Dave West
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Cris Andrei, Amy Sweeney

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