LIMEY Director Graeme Joyce Visually Perfects The "Green Routine" For California Solar Initiative (CSI)


Last Updated: September 14, 2012 11:44 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 14, 2012) Director Graeme Joyce has shot an incredibly beautiful campaign for the California Solar Initiative (CSI), including a broadcast spot and print advertising. Showcasing in simple yet visually compelling images Californians’ daily activities, which strive to preserve the environment, the new campaign encourages state residents to take it one step further and add solar panels for heating water to their “Green Routine.”

To view the new spot, go here:

“Graeme did an amazing job on this project with an extensive amount of set ups,” says LIMEY Owner/EP Andrew Denyer. “The photography is beautiful. The attention to detail in the art direction and the exquisitely composed frames are the hallmark of what Graeme does well.”

For the Director, this California Solar Initiative campaign was an opportunity to be part of a project with an extremely positive message and a growing audience, adopters of green energy products. “We were preaching to the choir, targeting an audience accustomed to an eco-friendly lifestyle, suggesting solar water heating as the latest addition to their green routine,” explains Graeme. “I wanted to feel the influence of the sun throughout the commercial, a reminder of the potential of its omnipresent power. I felt by keeping the compositions clean, bright and informative that we would force the viewer’s attention and relay the message as succinctly as possible.”

Shooting the print campaign simultaneously, notes Graeme, worked very well with this project. “From a purely practical point of view, we have already executed the shot needed for the commercial so we’re ahead of the game and know what we want from the still image. More importantly, there’s a creative consistency to the campaign if I do both which is of great benefit.”

In addition to this recent CSI project, Graeme has directed the short film “Lifetripper,” starring Rob Benedict who co-wrote the script with him. “Lifetripper” follows the trials and tribulations of Stan, a middle-aged mechanic, who every day on the bus entertains his fellow passengers with his conversational sense of humor. The film is a thought-provoking look at a man who quietly realizes his potential, as a comic and a human being. The bittersweet film was extremely well received at its worldwide premiere and won “Best Drama” at the Super Shorts 2011 International Film Festival in London. Additional film festival screenings are currently being scheduled for the fall.

Client: Go Solar California
California Solar Initiative “Green Routine”

Ad Agency: Fraser Communications
Creative Director/Art Director: Sergio Belletini
ACD/Copywriter: Lisa Ansis
Producer: Carole Ferrari

Production Company: LIMEY
Director: Graeme Joyce
Executive Producer: Andrew Denyer
DP: David Lazenberg

Editorial Company: Henry LA
Editor: Enrique Aguirre

Music & Sound Design Company: Chris Bell Music & Sound
Composer: Chris Bell

Bio: Director Graeme Joyce:
Director Graeme Joyce was raised in The Cotswolds, the heart of the English countryside. After a stint at art school, a summer visit to Los Angeles sparked an interest and a career in visual media. During time spent on the city’s commercial sets, Graeme shot some footage of a friend’s band using a Bolex hand-cranked camera. Lip-sync was fudged in post and the resulting spec was seen by Scott Weiland who hired Joyce to direct two clips for his band Stone Temple Pilots. The Music Video Producer Association (MVPA) awarded the "Directorial Debut Award" to the band's video “Wicked Garden" directed by Graeme. With a loving memory of British adverts from his childhood as an inspiration, Graeme’s exquisite design sensibility and flair for storytelling led him into commercials, directing innovative spots for such impressive clients as Target, Mercedes and British Airways. Whatever the medium, Robert Bresson’s sentiment notes: “It is with something clean and precise that you will force the attention of inattentive eyes and ears” is an aesthetic approach held in high regard by Graeme. He currently lives in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, with his family.

About LIMEY:
As the name implies, LIMEY’s creative aesthetic is deeply rooted in the U.K, with Owner/EP Andrew Denyer bringing his extensive experience from Europe and the U.S. to form one multi-faced, boutique production company. With tenures at large production houses such as Propaganda and Headquarters, as well as single director-owned companies such as Big Lawn Films; Denyer has built a unique directorial roster at LIMEY where each director works in a single genre with an individual style. LIMEY’s current directorial roster features the talents of Nick Jones, Scott Weintrob, KN+SAW, and Graeme Joyce. An agile boutique, LIMEY also offers the resources of a large production company via its partnership with Chelsea, including an extensive support staff and offices in Los Angles and New York. High-production values, regardless of budget, and a great collaboration for clients are the hallmarks of any LIMEY-produced project. For more information about LIMEY, check out the company’s web site at


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