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CINE VCLX Supports Production of Olympics-Inspired Films

Last Updated: August 29, 2012 2:32 am GMT
(Shelton, CT--August 29, 2012) For more than a decade, VMI Limited (VMI), a premier broadcast equipment provider for the United Kingdom’s television and film industry, has led the industry in providing high-performing, reliable broadcast equipment. Instrumental to the company’s reputation of reliability has been its reliance on a dependable, trusted source to power its gear. Anton/Bauer®, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company and a premier global provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries, has been the go-to power solution for VMI since 2003.

“We are proud to call ourselves a high-quality supply company that utilizes the best equipment,” says Barry Bassett, managing director of VMI. “We don’t compromise where mission-critical functions are concerned. Simply put, we rely upon Anton/Bauer because it is the best.”

Based in North London, VMI represents a new generation of digital facilities. The company specializes in supplying HD and broadcast camera and grip equipment for drama, feature and documentary productions. In recent years, VMI has been involved in the production of more than 80 feature films and more than 15 drama series.

VMI provided eight Anton/Bauer CINE VCLX batteries to power gear for two Olympics-themed feature films: Bert and Dickie and Fast Girls. Production of the films helped to fuel the excitement building in London in anticipation of the Olympics this year. Bert and Dickey is a drama that tells the story of two United Kingdom Olympic rowers who won the gold medal in the 1936 Olympics and was shot on location on a river. Filming on a river required a great deal of power over an extended period of time, and the CINE VCLX was used extensively during production. Fast Girls, a feature film about female Olympic track athletes, was shot in large sports arenas, where a reliable power source was of the utmost importance.

VMI equips its entire fleet of ALEXA and RED cameras, as well as the entirety of its documentary kits, with Anton/Bauer batteries. The batteries currently in the VMI arsenal are the CINE VCLX, the DIONIC® 90 and the DIONIC HC. Bassett has a particularly high regard for the CINE VCLX; VMI maintains 12 of the batteries. “The CINE VCLX is a remarkably high-performance battery,” he notes. “I can say categorically and definitively that we’ve never had a client using a power-hungry camera complain that power has run out on something that draws more than 100W — and that’s no small feat. In fact, of late, we have not received one negative comment from a client regarding power. Anton/Bauer provides our clients with sufficient power to accomplish what they need to — of this we can be assured.”

Incorporating all the features of the Logic Series Batteries, the CINE VCLX series provides superior run-time and service life for the power demands of today’s cinema production and lighting equipment. All the safety and high-power-draw performance of nickel-metal hydride cell chemistry technology is available in a power package specifically designed for the integration of 24V film and 14V video equipment. CINE VCLX batteries are powerful enough to run for extended periods of time with many cameras predominantly used in the world of film and digital cinematography, including the ARRI 16 and 35mm film cameras, ALEXA, RED ONE, EPIC, Scarlet, Sony F23/F35/65, Phantom HD, Genesis, Weisscam and P&S Technik.

“In addition to the superior-quality batteries, the chargers are top-notch as well. They’re especially helpful with international productions, which film in all corners of the world,” says Bassett. “The reliability that comes along with Anton/Bauer reinforces the investment you are making in your company — in your business and your reputation.”

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