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Cache-A safeguards camera assets for motion picture, broadcast and commercials productions

Last Updated: September 8, 2012 1:33 am GMT
(September 8, 2012) Cache-A Corporation, manufacturer of award-winning archiving appliances, has revealed details of how motion picture, broadcast and commercials producers are utilizing its LT0-5 tape-based archive appliances, with the latest LTFS capabilities, in on-set production environments to safeguard the increasing amounts of data and video-related media they generate daily. Cache-A is showing its full product range at IBC 2012, Amsterdam, at Booth 7.E06.

BBC's Turn Back Time, which had Cache-A on set.

Cache-A’s archiving appliances are designed to meet the needs of digital video and filmmaking professionals, and can manage 100’s of Terabytes of data. Data can be written using the industry-standard tar format, or LTFS (Linear Tape File System) capability, which enables users to interchange content across different platforms, software applications and physical locations, as well as deliver content to their clients.

Cache-A products are now being incorporated into a wide range of on-set cart and data management systems and, as archiving is a chargeable service, they are delivering users with returns on their investments. Cache-A’s compact and cost-effective Prime-Cache5 and Pro-Cache5 are particularly well-suited for deployment on-set. The new Power-Cache is also being used in high-end productions where massive amounts of data are generated every day.

Fletcher Camera & Lenses, headquartered in Chicago with facilities in Detroit and New Orleans, has integrated Pro-Cache5 into several of its COSMoS on-set carts. Pro-Cache5 has been used to archive camera data for several motion pictures, including the comedy thriller Freaky Deaky, musical drama Sparkle, romantic drama Love And Honor, and drug-addiction drama Cherry.

“In a digital world, the key thing is how best to secure your assets, and prevent data loss. Cache-A are more switched on to the needs of the entertainment industry, from camera into post, than any other data-archiving company, and I have confidence their products will emerge as the reliable standard on-set," said Tom Fletcher, VP of Fletcher Camera and Lenses. "The low-power requirement, small size and speed-performance make Pro-Cache5 a convenient, mobile solution to take on-set. For a minimal cost it’s a tremendous insurance policy for a production.”

Maxx Digital, based in Costa Mesa, California, has equipped its range of on-set DAM carts with Prime-Cache5 and Pro-Cache5 appliances, and these are used on motion picture and broadcast productions.

MAXX Digital's DAM cart featuring Cache-A archiving

“The DAM cart is the hub between production and post,” said Devon Cook, director of sales and marketing at Maxx Digital. “From a single cart you can duplicate RAW files, verify materials, process dailies, lay off to LTO-5, color correct, set looks, preview/stream shots, control metadata tagging/management, and even do rough cuts all at the same time. Hard drives can take a beating on-set and sometimes fail. By archiving to LTO-5 on-set via Cache-A productions have a much more robust backup of the RAW content. Having the appliance running LTO and checksums in the background, and seamless compatibility with CatDV for asset management, are a huge advantage.”

Shed Media, one of the UK’s leading broadcast production houses, has harnessed Pro-Cache5, and its LTFS capabilities, as part of a larger DIT solution, into the on-set production workflows of its most recent primetime series – the BBC’s Turn Back Time, in which families experience what life was like for their ancestors in bygone times, and on Channel 5’s romantic reality show The Bachelor.

“Due to the volume of material we create, particularly on multi-camera productions, we knew the capabilities of LTFS would be a great benefit for working with assets after they have been archived,” said Adam Downey, group head of post production at Shed Media. “Once we heard that Cache-A had LTFS working properly and that it was stable, we invested in their Pro-Cache5. From the on-set system we now get protected copies of material, and faster turnaround to edit. It’s cost-effective, as the production already has data wranglers on-set, and the routines with the Pro-Cache5 are simple, so it’s easy for them too.”

Post-production facility, The Chimney Pot, in Warsaw, Poland, provides production and post services to commercials and features films. It uses Pro-Cache5 on-set to archive camera footage (R3D, ARRIRAW, MOV files) and Power-Cache in post to archive TV/cinema masters (MOV, DPX, MXF, TIFF and DCP packages). Pro-Cache5 has been recently used on Polish feature film Nowhere, and commercials for Carlsberg beer, dairy brand Monte and insurance group Proama.

“Archiving gives me peace-of-mind, as we manage thousands of files on expensive commercials and feature film projects. Before archiving to LTO-5 tapes we used hard-drives for back-ups, but these are not a secure way of storing assets, and recovering data is a really expensive process,” said Kamil Rutkowski Chimney Pot’s head of DI. “We now send Pro-Cache5 on-set where we manage RAW data from ARRI Alexa, recorded on to our Codex or other hard-drive equipment. Pro-Cache5 is a very handy, portable tool and suits our on-set needs perfectly. It starts copying data in seconds, and is easy-to-use so training takes seconds. Clients are happy to pay for our valuable archiving services, so we are making a healthy return on our investment in Cache-A archiving appliances.”

About Cache-A Corporation:
Cache-A’s award-winning, archive appliances are employed daily by thousands of users worldwide, in media/entertainment, Fortune 500 corporations, government departments, higher-education and houses of worship, to securely archive, search and retrieve vital digital assets. The company was founded in 2008 with a dedication to make archiving easy, and combines extensive experience in data storage and video media, with a reputation for delivering innovation and excellence to digital media professionals at a reasonable cost. Cache-A’s product range includes desktop and rack-mount appliances that are compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix networking infrastructures. Renowned for their ease-of-use, Cache-A products deliver leading-edge performance in video and digital film workflows, and lead the field in using the secure, portable, interchangeable, industry-standard LTFS and tar formats on LTO-5 media. Cache-A’s Pro-Cache 5 was awarded Creative Cow’s prestigious Blue Ribbon in 2011 for “Best Archiving System”, and Power-Cache won Studio Daily’s 2012 Prime Award for “Best User Interface/User Experience”.


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