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Last Updated: September 13, 2012 6:42 am GMT
(September 13, 2012) At IBC 2012 Quantel demonstrated a raft of new features and facilities for its market-leading Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production system. These include enhanced file-based workflows, accessibility and GoPro camera file integration.

Enhanced file-based workflows
IBC 2012 sees the release of sQ Fileflow, providing open interoperability for file movements between Quantel and other systems such as Archives and third party production environments. Fileflow exposes a RESTful API and is SOA-based (Service Oriented Architecture), allowing it to be controlled by a workflow engine using just a web-based interface. Fileflow is scalable, resilient and completely open so can easily be built into an automated file-based workflow.

Also new for IBC is the ability to write files back to physical media directly from Enterprise sQ - P2 files onto P2 cards and XDCAM files onto XDCAM disks and cards. This is invaluable in field operations where exchanging media between journalists is an everyday activity.

GoPro file support
Thousands of these small, cheap and almost indestructible cameras are used to capture footage at all sorts of events on cars, boats, planes, sportspeople - anywhere it's hard to put a big, expensive camera. Quantel's Essence Driver technology allows GoPro files to be soft-mounted and shots selected and added directly to the Quantel timeline.

This is a great timesaver as GoPro clips tend by their nature to be single long files; soft mount enables the editor to go directly to the required section and add it directly to a timeline with no need to import first. Quantel is showing just such footage on its IBC stand from GoPro cameras fitted on World Rally Championship cars (the EBU uses an Enterprise sQ system on site at each WRC event for its highlights production).

Accessibility is a key issue among Enterprise sQ customers today. Enterprise sQ editors now support voice-to-button activation. This development opens Enterprise sQ to people with visual or motor impairments, giving them access to all the tools they need to thrive as journalists or producers.


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