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New group brings business-building perspective to creative marketing production services

Last Updated: September 17, 2012 11:23 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 17, 2012) An award-winning team of fresh, young creatives and seasoned marketing executives has launched Butter Studios. Butter’s founding partners, Bonnie Stone; CEO, Kory Jones; Executive Producer, and Matt Stone; Creative Director, have combined their areas of expertise to form a creative marketing boutique to service brands, content producers, television marketers and promoters, sports broadcasters, and advertising agencies. Butter’s services range from design, animation, and directing, through brand marketing strategy and consulting, to live action and digital production. In naming the company the partners all agreed, “Everything is better with butter.”

Butter’s services radiate from the principals’ brand marketing experience in advertising and promotion throughout traditional and digital media. Bonnie Stone leads with a wealth of insights she earned in executive media sales roles at Turner Broadcasting, Zillion TV, FOX Sports, UPN and CBS. Two-time Emmy award-winner, Kory Jones, best known for founding the visual effects shop Reality Check Studios, adds additional production capabilities to Butter’s presence in the interactive and mobile media markets. Matt Stone is an established Creative Director whose clients include a variety of commercial and network productions. His body of work includes a music video for Deadmau5, which won a Los Angeles Music Video Festival Award this spring. William Salas rounds out the team as Lead Animator. Salas, whose career began in the Miami graffiti scene, is one of the most in-demand artists in Los Angeles’ animation community.

Butter is structured as a value-building marketing and creative partner. Bonnie Stone explains, “Our team exists to solve clients’ problems by understanding their business goals, providing them with fresh ideas, smooth execution, and the highest level of customer service.” She adds, “Advances in technology are driving major shifts in consumer behavior, creating new paradigms in content creation and consumption. These shifts call for new business models, along with innovations in marketing and advertising, increasing the need for highly specialized professional service providers.”

“Beautiful images and motion are not enough, Butter Studios understands the business side of branding and promotion as well.” says Butter's Creative Director, Matt Stone. With matter-of-fact clarity, he notes, “Ultimately, creative advertising is really all about selling stuff. We get that, and we understand that our main focus is to help a brand boost their sales.” He respects what clients are investing in their marketing and advertising campaigns, viewing each second and each frame as precious time to grab the attention and the brain space of potential customers. Stone admits, “I live by the motto, ‘Never Waste a Frame’.”

Butter’s animation and production capabilities align and integrate with full service and digital advertising agencies. Whether creating storyboarded animations, developing a custom app, or conceptualizing and shooting branded content, Butter crafts the message to fit the medium.

About Butter Studios:

Everything is better with Butter.
That was the thinking behind Bonnie Stone, Kory Jones and Matt Stone’s decision to name their new studio after one of the world's most tasty foods.

Butter Studios is a creative marketing group providing branding-based services, and functioning as a value building marketing partner. Butter brings a unique mixture of fresh, young perspectives and experienced insights to every project. Butter’s top-level creative and client services result from teaming network advertising executive, Bonnie Stone (Turner Broadcasting, Zillion TV, UPN, Fox Sports, and CBS) and Kory Jones (Reality Check Studios, visual effects supervisor, digital media entrepreneur), with Matt Stone’s visual dexterity between network, commercial, and music video productions. Their blend of talents allows them to work effectively with brands, content producers, television marketers and promoters, sports broadcasters, advertising agencies, and music labels.

The group is fully equipped to handle everything from logo design and visual effects to marketing strategy and media placement and direction. Butter also develops and creates 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics, live action and digital production, as well as mobile media and branded content.

Butter’s partners have collectively earned Emmys, Addys, and other awards recognizing their creative abilities. In addition, Ms. Stone serves as an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, PromaxBDA, and as a board member for Digital Hollywood.

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