Award winning filmmaker Katrin Bowen’s "Random Acts of Romance" to have world premiere at 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival


Last Updated: October 2, 2012 11:07 pm GMT
(Vancouver, BC--October 2, 2012) Katrin Bowen and Darren Reiter (Amazon Falls) in association with Purple Productions and Bowen Arrow Productions Inc. are pleased to announce that Katrin’s second feature film, "Random Acts of Romance", will have its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Katrin, whose first feature film, Amazon Falls (VIFF 2010), garnered her critical acclaim, is thrilled to be back at VIFF and to have the world premiere of the highly anticipated film in her hometown of Vancouver. The film, which features some of the brightest talent in the country, will be screening on October 5, 9 & 12th, 2012.

More screening details here: and below.

DAVID (Robert Moloney -The Odds) and HOLLY (Laura Bertram -Andromeda) are rich newlyweds who should be in love. When Holly accidentally runs over BUD (Katherine Isabelle -Endgame), a pot-smoking lesbian, who questions the couple’s passion for each other, she realizes that perhaps her marriage isn’t working. Meet MATT (Zak Santiago -Amazon Falls, V) and DIANNE (Amanda Tapping -Stargate, Sanctuary), the couple who met in college. Dianne was Matt’s teacher but it’s not going well now. After a stoned conversation with his best friend, BUD, Matt goes all out to win back his wife but she’s more interested in RICHARD (Ted Whittall -Once Upon A Time), the heartless, attractive millionaire who lives next door to BUD. Richard catches the eye of David’s secretary, LYNNE (Sonja Bennett-Young People F**cking), a timid girl who likes to stalk. Yes, Random Acts of Romance is about the different stage of love: not having it, looking for it, losing it, trying to repair it, trying to save it and trying to invent it. It shows us that love is not perfect – it’s sloppy, it’s messy, it’s what makes us human – and at the end of the day you have to laugh at it or die trying!

Random Acts of Romance is an emotional joyride with a pure indie rock and roll soundtrack featuring some of Vancouver’s best breakout artists including Sex With Strangers, Adaline, Guilty About Girls and Mother Mother.

Random Acts’ experienced and highly-talented production team has multiple films and awards under their belts; Executive Producers Avi Federgreen (Score: A Hockey Musical, One Week), Lindsay Macadam (The Entitled, Hard Core Logo 2) and the Production team Katrin Bowen and Darren Reiter (Amazon Falls) in association with Purple Productions and Bowen Arrow Productions Inc. Random Acts of Romance has the participation of Telefilm Canada, Rogers Telefund and Super Channel.

Random Acts of Romance
Oct. 5, 6:00pm Empire Granville 4
Oct. 9, 12:00pm Empire Granville 5
Oct. 12, 6:00pm Empire Granville 5


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