Loft London becomes Aframe’s West London Upload centre


Last Updated: October 7, 2012 2:30 am GMT
(MIPCOM 2012--October 7, 2012) Loft London, a leading independent digital media facility announced this week that they have become the West London Upload Partner for Aframe, the cloud video production platform designed to liberate the professional video production process.

Aframe Upload Partners offer production companies a convenient and simple method of transferring video content to Aframe’s cloud platform. Amongst many services Loft London offer, they are the first of Aframe's partners to specialise in mass digitisation of media to help producers evolve from tape based servicing to digital distribution.

Aframe clients can now take their pre or post produced content on any format to Loft London’s facilities in Chiswick and have them converted and ingested to Aframe's secure data centres, ensuring fast and reliable upload, and saving client time for more important production tasks. Aframe then transcodes the uploaded media into H264 web viewing proxies for simple and convenient online collaboration.

“Offering Aframe is a natural evolutionary step for Loft London. We already specialize in helping clients with all aspects of the content lifecycle, so we were very happy to add Aframe’s cloud services to our portfolio," said Davide Maglio, Director and Partner of Loft London. "We believe that by partnering with Aframe, Loft London offers practical solutions to the past, present and future of video production.”

About Loft London
Loft London is a dedicated media facility servicing clients across the broadcast media industry. Its clients include both international broadcasters and smaller content owners, including BBC World Service, ESPN, Red Bull, On Demand Group, BSkyB, Central Partnerships (Russia), Orbit Showtime Network (UAE) and Mauris Film (Russia).

Founded in 2007, Loft London has built a reputation for technical expertise, exceptional customer service and flexible pricing models. Loft London’s focus is to work with content owners, content creators and distributors through all stages of the content lifecycle and the evolution from tape based servicing to digital distribution.

Loft London offers a total video servicing package, encompassing ageing formats and libraries through to current HD and 3D standards, with the ability to deliver to any Digital Asset Management Service platform.

Loft London's high end encode, ingest, transcode, storage and digital distribution facility together with its experienced and accessible team, positions Loft London as a fast growing, global media hub.

Loft London will be at MIPCOM 2012, Cannes.

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