"Expanded Cinematography Continues To Grow" At Global Cinematography Institute


Last Updated: October 25, 2012 5:41 am GMT
(Hollywood, California--October 25, 2012) “Expanded Cinematography” at Global Cinematography Institute continues to grow. Global Cinematography Institute has students fromall over the globe - Brazil, Italy, Finland, Argentina, Mosambique, Australia, UK, Dubai, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Tunisia and USA.

"What really separates Global Cinematography Institute from other schools and programs is the fact that the information we received was constantly put into context for its practical application." –wrote cinematographer/ director JP. Brennan, graduate of Course 1 and 2.

For the 2012-2013 school year, new courses are to be added to the curriculum of “Expanded Cinematography” including Cinematography in Video Games: Virtual Lighting and Previsualization, and Cinematography for Small Budget/Indie Films. In order to create better-rounded students who understand the industry they are about to enter - the Global Cinematography Institute has announced a class Moderate and Micro Budget Production Hollywood-Style, a real world case study on economical production. These new classes provide students with a unique opportunity as a filmmaker/cinematographer to prepare for the job market in the current Hollywood economic climate.

Yuri Neyman, ASC says: “We plan to add the class “Cinematography for Video Games” in the near future. Cinematography is an art that requires the mastering of a constantly evolving craft. Our goal is to prepare cinematographers to take advantages of on-going advances in digital and virtual cinematography technologies.”

The Expanded Cinematography classes also include Advanced Lighting for Feature Films, Foundation of Lighting and Composition, Cinematography for Music Videos, Digital Cinematography and 3D Cinematography, Virtual Cinematography, On-Set Image Management, and more.

Beside Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC and Yuri Neyman, ASC other teaching participants in the Global Cinematography Institute include cinematographers Affonso Beato, ASC, Bruno Delbonell, ASC, AFC, Chris Probst, Daniel Pearl, ASC, Dante Spinotti, ASC, AIC, David Stump, ASC, Geoff Boyle, FBKS, James Chressanthis, ASC, Matthew Libatique, ASC, Sam Nicholson, ASC, and Ron Fischer, Virtual Cinematography expert and Technical Director of Universal Virtual Stage 1, Virtual Cinematography expert Kyle Murphey, American Cinematographer's Techinical Editor Christopher Probst, image technology specialists Bob Kertesz and Aaron Peak, previsualization expert Brian Pohl, technology lecturer and writer Jay Holben and Virtual Lighting specialist Fred Durand.

The Global Cinematography Studios features a standing-set specifically designed for lighting classes, which will enable teachers to instruct students in the most advanced and innovative techniques. The GCI Studios at the "Joe Blasco Stage" is a State-Of-The-Art production facility located in the Los Feliz Area of Hollywood. This unique facility is the home of MUATV.com, and is a fully equipped rental studio for both film and television usage.



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