Ntropic Creates Visually Enticing Promo For ABC Fall Sunday Night Line-Up


Last Updated: October 31, 2012 12:26 am GMT
(October 31, 2012) Led by Ntropic’s Nate Robinson and Andrew Sinagra, the creative team at Ntropic has created a visually enticing promo for ABC’s Fall Sunday Night Line-Up entitled “A Taste of ABC Sunday.” Collaborating closely with Executive Producer Joseph Uliano of One World Productions in Los Angeles and the Entertainment Marketing Division of ABC, the team of Robinson + Sinagra directed the piece, while Ntropic created all of the visual effects for the ground-breaking promo which began airing last month with heavy rotation during the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards.

"A Taste of ABC Sunday": http://www.vimeo.com/51539866

The new ABC promo features a series of vignettes with an alluring, all-star cast showcasing the eclectic ABC Sunday Primetime line-up. All scenes featured in the new promo, directed by Robinson + Sinagra, were shot on a rigorous three-day schedule, on-set in Los Angeles. Elements were also shot in Vancouver and in the Hamptons. The creative process included a blending of live-action, motion-control, CGI animation and Flame effects. Shooting the background plates on different days from the talent meant that Ntropic needed to marry all of these elements and make it all appear seamless. The Ntropic team operated around the clock for three weeks creating flawless visual effects for the vignettes, interweaving a glimpse of ABC Sunday’s three prominent shows; “Once Upon A Time,” “Vengeance,” and “666 Park Avenue.” Spot on artistry combined with intricate visual effects, brings to life a “little taste” of magic, vengeance, and seduction.

“When I first saw this idea, it had so many challenging elements that I immediately thought of Ntropic for the VFX; and Nate and Andrew for their directing wizardry,” says Executive Producer Joseph Uliano. “Nate and I have had a very creative and ongoing relationship for over 10 years and there is no one I trust more to deliver. The final result of this project is even more proof of that.”

“We were super thrilled to work on this project with Joe Uliano and with ABC,” says Ntropic’s Nate Robinson. “In our research, we looked at literally hundreds of promos, and believed we could re-think what a promo could be. We had full support and collaboration from all the celebrity talent, which was amazing. On-set, we showed them the pre-vis so they could see what we needed them to do. I believe this project is a testament to Ntropic’s talent, aesthetic and philosophy; to be able to shoot and create this level of high-quality visual effects all within a three-week time period. We can’t wait to work with Joe and his clients at ABC again.”

Directed by: Nate Robinson, Andrew Sinagra

Client: ABC
Supervising Shoot Producer: Christopher O’Hara
Shoot Producer: Jabali Hicks
Senior Writer/Producer: Brenda Lau

Production Company: One World Productions, inc.
Executive Producer: Joseph Uliano
Producer: Norm Reiss
Director of Photography: Maz Makhani

Visual Effects & Post Production Company: Ntropic
Executive Producer: Jim Riche
Producer: William Lemmon
VFX Coordinator: Chelsea Miller
VFX Supervisor: Rob Hubbard
Flame Artist: Maya Bello-Korenwasser
Flame Artist: MB Emigh
CG Artist: Ricardo Zanettini
CG Artist: Johnny Diaz
CG Artist: Ariel Loza
CG Artist: James McCarthy
FX Artist: Emil Balek
FX Artist: Pasha Ivanov
Matte Painter: Vlad Binas
Matte Painter: Talon Nighshade
Colorist: Marshall Plante

About Ntropic:
Ntropic draws its strength from a diverse background of creative talent. Assembling a global community of artists in multiple locations, the studio has built a creative collective with strengths in all facets of production and post-production ranging from conceptual design and motion graphics to photo-real CG and seamless compositing. Ntropic focuses on elegant, intelligent, and conceptual visual effects producing award-winning work for commercials, music videos, feature films, experiential theaters, and interactive content.

As industry mediums rapidly change, Ntropic maintains a foothold on the bleeding edge of technology... leading the charge into a new era of entertainment media. The studio removes the mystery from the black box of technology and operates as a creative hub for directors and agencies to converge and collaborate without limitation.

Ntropic’s creative directors thrive on the unique challenges of production and work closely with the creative team to concept, visualize, and realize their artistic vision. Offering innovative solutions for otherwise impossible tasks, Ntropic inspires artists and filmmakers to expand the horizons of possibility.

The studio’s objective is to create an inspirational environment for artists and clients to come together and not worry about the how, but stay focused on creating the most fascinating and innovative work to date.



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