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High Definition Television: The Creation, Development and Implementation of HDTV Technology

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News : High Definition Television: The Creation, Development and Implementation of HDTV Technology

- New Book Available By Philip J. Cianci, with Foreword by Bernard S. Finn -

Last Updated: November 21, 2012 8:44 am GMT
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(November 21, 2012) The 40-year history of high definition television technology is traced from initial studies in Japan, through its development in Europe, and then to the United States, where the first all-digital systems were implemented. Details are provided about advances in HDTV technology in Australia and Japan, Europe’s introduction of HDTV, Brazil’s innovative use of MPEG-4 and China’s terrestrial standard.

The impact of HDTV on broadcast facility conversion and the influx of computer systems and information technology are described, as well as the contributions of the first entrepreneurial HD videographers and engineers. This thoroughly researched volume highlights several of the landmark high-definition broadcasts from 1988 onward, includes input gathered from more than 50 international participants, and concludes with the rollout of consumer HDTV services throughout the world.

Philip J. Cianci worked with HDTV systems at Philips Research USA and ESPN, was the editor of Broadcast Engineering magazine’s e-newsletter Transition to Digital from 2005 through 2007, and is the author of two books about television technology. He lives in Lake Peekskill, New York.

“The book has a broad range -- technology and business, technical testing and corporate politics, TV and broadcast infrastructure… its core is technical, with tables and diagrams…. it provides fun peeks into the behind-the-scene negotiations…, [and] at the engineers crashing to implement these new designs…”

Read Douglas Dixon’s complete review at the Manifest Technology Blog.

McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers • Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640
336-246-4460 • Orders 800-253-2187 • FAX 336-246-4403 •
In Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, order from: The Eurospan Group,
In Australia and New Zealand, order from: DA Information Services,

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