Sony Premieres 4k And Hd Footage Shot With New F55 And F5 Cameras At Exclusive U.S. And European Industry Events


Panels of Cinematography Experts Screen and Discuss Footage

Last Updated: November 28, 2012 12:52 pm GMT
(Park Ridge, New Jersey--November 28, 2012) Sony will today screen 4K and HD content shot using its two new CineAlta™ 4K cameras for the first time at exclusive industry events held in Los Angeles and Europe. This is the first time audiences will be able to view footage captured using the new F55 and F5 cameras, which were announced last month along with a range of accessories and technologies designed to accelerate the adoption of 4K content creation and production.

At the Los Angeles event, held on the Sony Pictures Entertainment lot, an audience of industry professionals will be witness to new 4K and HD productions shot by teams at Tribeca Enterprises, the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Stargate Studios.

The production teams from each organization will also participate in panels to present and discuss their footage and experiences with the Sony cameras.

Shot with Sony’s F65 and F55 cameras, Tribeca Enterprises’ 7x6x2 is a collaboration among Gary Krieg, Tribeca’s Executive Vice President, Content Development and Production; Paul Pope, an Eisner Award-winning graphic novelist, Sundance Institute trained filmmaker Sridhar Reddy; and Cinematographer Jesse Green, among others. The production featured ample opportunity to shoot in extreme low-light situations, slow motion and a wide diversity of shots that would perfectly test the camera’s abilities.

The USC School of Cinematic Arts shot two productions with the Sony cameras. One is “Safety Zone,” a chase comedy shot in the bright Southern California sun, and “The Contract,” a drama shot at night, including inside a car, lit from the lights of Wilshire Boulevard. According to Doug Wellman, assistant dean at the school, these two pieces really highlight the full gamut of the cameras’ capabilities, and the flexibility and performance they can offer on location.

Sony asked Sam Nicholson, ASC, and Stargate Studios to produce a short film to test the F55. Nicholson, along with production teams from Stargate LA and Stargate Mumbai, travelled to Sri Lanka to produce the film, hiring local talent and crew to help in the production. "Mahout" follows an orphan girl who helps a baby elephant escape an abusive owner and return to his herd in the wild. Nicholson directed and shot "Mahout" throughout the spectacular environments of Sri Lanka, from crowded urban locales to remote jungles, rivers and beaches, often struggling with monsoon rainstorms, severe humidity and unpredictable weather. “Mahout” features a young bull elephant, local Sri Lanka children, sacred stone temples and a large herd of wild elephants.

In Europe, Sony will screen two short films shot by leading DPs at the Plus Camerimage cinematography event in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The first, shot using the PMW-F55, was filmed by Martin Scanlan and Steve Lawes on location in Wales. The second, using the PMW-F5, was filmed by Lucie Hadilovic and Dominique Colin on location in France.

At each event, Sony will also showcase its full super 35mm camera line-up, comprising the NEX-FS700, PMW-F5, PMW-F55 and F65, as well as the PVM-X300 4K monitor.

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