CatDV Streamlines Video Production Workflow for North America's Largest Independent Financial Service Provider


Primerica Utilizes CatDV to Easily Manage a Wide Variety of Media While Increasing Productivity

Last Updated: December 10, 2012 8:13 am GMT
(December 10, 2012) Primerica is the largest independent financial services marketing company in North America. With a 34-year proven track record, two million investment clients with $35 billion in assets under management and responsible for the life insurance of more than 4.3 million citizens, it is a giant in the industry.

Primerica utilizes the production of vital training videos and podcasts as a key device used by clients of the company, (typically members of the public), to learn about managing finances, buying life insurance and successfully running many other aspects of their personal financial life. The company needed to find a more efficient asset management solution to streamline their workflow. CatDV delivered.

“We needed a solution that could handle multiple file formats and accommodate new and often non-compatible file types,” explained Tim Foster, Art Director, Primerica. “Nascar highly recommended CatDV as they had been successfully using it. We made the switch 18 months ago and the benefits have been instant and considerable.”

Primerica produces all video material in house using a combination of PC and Mac platforms across five edit suites. Currently, 18 operators produce in excess of 80,000 clips of video each year, all of which have to be indexed and stored. Growth at present is rapid, with over 100 TB of storage in use and the company expecting storage requirements to grow at a rate of 100 TB a year in the near term.

With the studio focused on training and educational videos, the majority of projects undertaken are short form, with a maximum length likely to be around one hour. Productions will mix graphics and limited special effects, but may need to be highly polished, depending upon the channel on which they will be aired.

One of the biggest and most measurable benefits CatDV has brought to Primerica is that skilled resources can now spend their time doing the job they are paid to do. Primerica used to have to physically log and tag newly shot footage that came in from various shoots in a range of formats. Videos were then placed in storage, but access to content was entirely dependent upon the quality of the logging of the video contents.

“If a specific location or shot was required, the whole process was so time consuming,” explained Foster. “Highly skilled editors were spending a considerable amount of their time either logging content or searching for it. With CatDV, new material is submitted via the company’s portal for instant digital storage, with content accurately identified and indexed for easy access.”

CatDV has completely streamlined Primerica’s workflow. The production team can now put their time into producing important training and educational video content for customers vs. wasting valuable time on lengthy administrative procedures.

“Installation was painless,” stated Foster. “And training and support were readily available and greatly beneficial. It has surpassed all our expectations. We’re very pleased with the results.”

Installation and product training was implemented by JB&A, CatDV master distributor for North America. JB&A's team evaluated Primerica's current and future needs then designed several customized and comprehensive in house training sessions for Primerica's IT, production, post-production, and other staff members.

CatDV is now widely used within Primerica and having proved its worth, the plan now is to integrate all other areas of the business that use and work with video on the platform. This will result in a four-fold increase in user numbers, with access to the CatDV resource spread across multiple departments.

CatDV Key Benefits

• ‘Tagging and Bagging’ of all types of media reduces the time spent searching for your assets.
• Provides simple editing tools for users with limited access or experience of NLE’s.
• CatDV’s flexibility can accommodate current and future workflow requirements.
• Bring order to the mass of media files we all have to deal with on a daily basis.
• Filtering the assets for specific users (e.g. loggers, editors, producers etc.)
• The ability to work with PC’s & Apple Mac’s and NLE Software.
• CatDV provides system automation and the ability to transcode your media for low and high bandwidth users.
• Automation in the background is a simple scripting process enhancing the overall workflow.
• CatDV supports many 3rd party software and hardware components.
• Fully featured user interface and a simpler web interface to suit all users needs.
• The ability to connect to third party Archiving software helps reduce expensive on line storage requirements.

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