Autodesk Evolves Flame 20th Anniversary Edition Software with Extension 2


Integrates Customer Feedback into Product Development to Optimize High-End Visual Effects and Editing Workflow

Last Updated: December 17, 2012 1:22 pm GMT
(December 17, 2012) Today Autodesk announced the latest extension release for Flame 20th Anniversary Edition Software - a major redesign of its premier VFX software that is a part of Autodesk Flame Premium 2013. Extension 2 includes new features and performance enhancements based on customer feedback. Available to current users with active subscription contracts, these enhancements refine the high-end visual effects and finishing workflow, accelerating production and enabling greater creativity.

Key feature and performance enhancements in the extension include:
  • Support for AppleĀ® ProRes - Natively decode ProRes files on a local workstation in Flame and Flame Premium
  • Support for 16-bit DPX workflows - Bring 16-bit integer files like the Academy Density Exchange Encoding (ADX) 16-bit log DPX files and promote them to 16-bit floating point linear on the fly
  • Clip Reveal and Clip Protect - Quickly and easily identify clips in the timeline and lock Media Library clips from editing
  • User-driven project saving - Manually save projects at any time
  • Preserve handles when matching a timeline source - Match a timeline source and preserve trimming operations
  • Explicit YUV Headroom - Include YUV headroom when importing and exporting YUV media files
  • Accelerated browsing in MediaHub - Move seamlessly between media and finishing tools
  • Improved library memory management - Optimize and manage memory performance; Close unused libraries to release memory for other purposes
  • Faster DNxHD in MXF File Export

The extension also features a number of other desktop, snapshot and player enhancements. For more information visit the Flame Premium product center, join the Flame Community on AREA or friend us on our Facebook page.

Extension 2 is anticipated to be available to subscription customers on December 17, 2012. Current subscription customers will be able to download the applicable extension for the licensed 2013 software when available.



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That good news for us. But When we get it?
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