HELLO! Welcomes Newest Addition, Director George Jecel


Last Updated: December 17, 2012 9:21 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--December 17, 2012) We are pleased to announce that the talented and dedicated filmmaker, George Jecel, has joined the roster at HELLO! & Company.

Born in Vienna, Austria, Jecel has lived in the US for 25 years, splitting residences in LA and Santa Fe, NM. A self-taught film director, he originally studied Theater Science at the University of Vienna. Upon graduating, Jecel began a career in theater, cultivating skills in drama, composition, art, and talent direction. After completing his studies, he got his start in live theater, directing actors on various stages, including the (former Jon Voight theater) Beverly Hills Playhouse.

While working in theater, Jecel was gaining additional experience in film by working as an assistant art director for low budget feature films and music videos. During this time, he caught the eye of executives at Universal Studios with an original play “The Only Folks Around”. Following a successful theatrical run, the play was bought and later developed by HBO as a series.

Shortly after, he made the transition into the advertising industry and signed with British-based BFCS in Los Angeles, and began work as director/cameraman of highly stylized commercials, combining trademark beautiful imagery with honest realism and inspired art direction. His varied work as a commercial director/cameraman helped build his credit, and lead to shooting and directing TV commercials around the world including work for Adidas, AMG-Mercedes Benz, Blue Cross, Boeing, Cadillac, Canon, California Tourism, Chrysler, Clinique, Coca Cola, Dannon, Evian, Ford Motor Company, Gatorade, GNC, Ikea, LG, Mazda, McDonalds, Miller Beer, Nautica, Nike, PGA Tour, Reebok, Travelocity, and VW-Audi

In 2011 Jecel co-wrote, produced and directed his first full-length feature film entitled “LITTLE DANCER” (http://www.little-dancer-movie.com). “LITTLE DANCER” recently won the “best feature” award at the Moondance film festival in New York. The film is currently circulating the international festival circuit and is due to be released world wide in 2013.

“Since shooting “Little Dancer”, a human trafficking drama set in an ex-Soviet territory I have learned a lot about corruption and how to cope with it. It turns out that almost any seemingly unfavorable experience from which you may suffer dearly can be turned into a worthwhile and important lesson that will change the course of your life for the better… provided you survive it. LITTLE DANCER is a personal declaration of love to me. Without love, we don’t have much left in this world, and this perspective becomes brutally apparent in the closing stages of the film. In the absence of love you can sometimes feel its life saving grace much stronger than in its presence.”


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