Cause & [Effect] Bejewels The Imagination For Syfy And Zales


Last Updated: December 17, 2012 9:29 pm GMT
(New York, New York--December 17, 2012) New York-based production house Cause & [Effect] casts a radiant sparkle on the holiday season in their artful :20 co-branded promo for Syfy and Zales. Creative Director Jamie Hubbard and Art Director Justin Acree led the team to craft beautiful imagery, while still maintaining the distinct brand look and packaging. The broadcast promo is part of an annual holiday tie-in with the American diamond store.

Click HERE to view the promo.

Notes Syfy Creative Director, Brand and Strategic Marketing Joe Loskywitz, “Cause & [Effect] did a great job of taking the overall look and pushing it further with our partner brand. They were able to very artfully take the Zales design aesthetic and marry it with Syfy’s branding.”

The entirely-CG promo spot opens on a closeup of brilliant diamonds cascading alongside white block figures, elegantly reflecting the light through their copious facets. As the jewels moves towards what we can now see as the Syfy logo, they zoom forward to form a larger diamond shape and transform into one large jewel with a flash of purple light. A cheerful voiceover narrates “It’s the season where kindness matters most, where people come together, where giving is greater than receiving.” We cut to a Zales jewelry box with light radiating from beneath before closing with the Syfy logo and the super “Imagine Greater Giving” with purple bows swirling alongside.

About Cause & [Effect]

Cause & [Effect} is a collection of highly talented storytellers, artists, thinkers, and above all-CREATORS. Writing, shooting, directing, editing, designing, compositing, animation—They see every project as an opportunity for collaboration—a chance to apply their creative team’s experience, ideas and personality, to making engaging and memorable work for their clients.


Title: Syfy Zales

Client: Syfy

Project Manager: Kim Kahne

Creative Director, Brand and Strategic Marketing: Joe Loskywitz

Design Director: Brian Everett

Video & GFX: Cause & [Effect]

Executive Producer: Jason Zemlicka

Creative Director: Jamie Hubbard

Art Director: Justin Acree

Director of Post Production: Jeff Wolfe

Lead 3D Generalist: Jack Ehrbar

Post Production Coordinator: Leslin Yoon

Audio: Explosion Robinson

VO: Anna Graves


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