Sirk Productions features Kings of Leon in new video for The Children’s Aid Society


Last Updated: January 28, 2013 7:09 pm GMT
(New York, New York--January 28, 2013) The Building of a Life, Sirk Productions’ new promotional video for The Children’s Aid Society of New York, recently premiered at the organization’s 2nd annual Keeping the Promise Gala. The event is an important fundraiser for the 160-year-old nonprofit, which supports over 70,000 underserved children and their families every year.

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Set to the song Radioactive by Grammy-winning rock band Kings of Leon, features hi-definition footage of Children's Aid program participants of all ages and along with commentary from CEO Richard Buery. It offers an inspiring look into the ways the organization helps young people grow into successful adults. “I remember watching Children's Aid commercials while I was growing up,” said project Writer and Creative Director Max Yampolsky. “This life-long connection with the organizations was what sparked the concept of the video.”

Children’s Aid Director of Marketing and Communications Anthony Ramos commented, “Sirk brought an unmatched level of passion and creativity to our project, and all of their staff demonstrated a real commitment to quality. It was refreshing to work with such a group of perfectionists who cared as much as we did about the final product!” Added Marketing Manager Paige Cram, “As a nonprofit, we faced many challenges around scheduling at multiple shoot locations, getting the necessary permissions, and working within budget constraints. Sirk was especially creative in helping us meet these challenges, and endlessly patient while we worked through all of the logistics.

Filming took place at the Dunlevy Milbank Center in Harlem and The Children's Aid Society's charter school in the Bronx. Editing and graphics were completed in-house through Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects software.

was shown to over 500 guests in attendance at this year's gala. The Children's Aid Society beat their set fundraising goal by raising $1.6 million in support of children across New York City. Yampolsky said, “We were proud to be a part of such an outstanding collaboration with an essential New York City nonprofit, and look forward to working with The Children's Aid Society in the future.”

Sirk created an additional video honoring Citi and their longtime partnership with The Children's Aid Society. In A Partnership for Progress, a young girl's voiceover coupled with graphics of writing on a chalkboard lends an approachable and personal feel to the world-renowned banking center. The video's initial 30 seconds include 16 millimeter footage of moments in life that many take for granted as they grow older, and the piece is meant to bring out the innocence of the inner child in all of us.


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