32TEN Studios Hosts 2012 MMTB Awards Event, And Begins Indie Film Showcase


Studio Also Upgrades Its Historic Theater with 2K/3D DLP Projector

Last Updated: January 29, 2013 2:17 pm GMT
(San Rafael, California--January 29, 2013) 32TEN Studios recently hosted the Movie Makers Throughout the Bay (MMTB) 2012 Annual Awards ceremony, which was held in the historic 32TEN Theater. In addition, the studio has also begun playing host to its new series of regularly held Indie Showcase Screenings, presenting a variety of independently produced films shot in and around the Bay Area.

Elena Altman (middle) presents an award to Arlynne Ramos (left) for “Best Comedy,” and to Genel Mejia (right) for “Best Actor,” during 2012 MMTB Award ceremonies held at 32TEN Studios

Founded by Elena Altman, MMTB is an organization designed to promote independent filmmaking in the Bay Area. Members gather each month at a venue to shoot a short film during the course of one day. One month later, the MMTB members then screen the finished product. On Jan 12th, four groups from MMTB shot at various locations around 32TEN Studios. That same evening, MMTB held its 2012 Annual Awards ceremonies at the 32TEN Studios screening room.

Ms. Altman said, “"The beautiful 32TEN Theater, with its long film legacy, was the perfect place for our 2012 Awards Ceremony and Filming Event. We look forward to coming back."

32TEN Studios also hosted (Jan. 17th) the first in its newly launched series of Indie Showcase Screenings, held in its 135-seat screening room. Seventeen short films directed and produced by various indie filmmakers from the Bay Area, including many from the MMTB organization, were presented. The next such event to be held at 32TEN will take place on Feb 20.

32TEN executives Tim Partridge and Greg Maloney said, “We launched 32TEN Studios with a determined commitment to encourage local filmmakers in keeping their work based in the Bay Area. By hosting a variety of screenings for these indie filmmakers, we are delighted to provide them with a state-of-the-art screening venue through which they are able to gain some exposure for their projects.”

In addition, 32TEN Studios has upgraded its screening room by installing a 2K/3D DLP projector (Barco projector, Dolby server, Dolby 3D system.) 32TEN can now present Digital Cinema Packages in that historic theater, and is taking bookings for private screenings.

About 32TEN Studios:
Launched in early 2012 by longtime entertainment industry leaders Tim Partridge and Greg Maloney, 32TEN Studios is a production services company offering digital and practical FX, as well as stage rentals. The company provides its services to producers of major motion pictures, independent films, TV programs, commercials, industrials, web content and multi-media projects. 32TEN Studios is located at 3210 Kerner Blvd., San Rafael, CA, 94901. The phone is 800-717- 3210, and the website is: http://www.32ten.com


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