Orrin Zucker Adds Liquid FX to Shutterstock Footage Collection


Last Updated: January 30, 2013 10:11 pm GMT
(New York, New York--January 30, 2013) Shutterstock, a global marketplace for digital imagery, announces a content partnership with Orrin Zucker of Ozone Productions, a motion designer and art director. As part of the partnership, Zucker’s Liquid FX collection of colorful liquid reactions is available for license within the Shutterstock library.

To view the collection, go to http://footage.shutterstock.com/clipbox/553091-f6e34879/

Zucker has provided everything from colorful liquid reactions, to footage with models and actors. It is the breadth of material that Zucker makes available that has kept him at the forefront of stock footage. “I like the variety of subjects I can explore and the artistic freedom it allows me to have,” says Zucker. “It’s nice to not have a specific client that I have to satisfy. I can create solutions that are graphic, live action, simple or complex, abstract or realistic.” A topic will become his passion. He will study it, shoot it, deliver and move on.

One example is what he calls Liquid FX, his collection of colorful liquids. “To get to the point of committing it to film, we had to learn about what looks good by experimenting with all kinds of gooey liquids and chemical reactions. Fun, but messy!” he laughs.

Zucker’s collection also includes footage of models, which, he admits, can be a challenge to capture. “It takes a lot of patience,” he says. “You get a wide variety of temperaments, experience, and talent when working with a large number of actors. The key is to relax and give them something they feel comfortable doing. If they don’t feel comfortable, that awkwardness will come through the lens.”

With over 1,700 clips on Shutterstock to his name, Orrin Zucker has definitely conquered the technique of shooting and supplying must-have stock footage. He seems to be following the advice he gives anyone who wants to pursue this area of production. “I agree with the scene from ‘Scarface’ when Tony Montana advises a young thug to ‘Do it first, do it yourself, and keep on doing it’,” he says. “I try to create shots that are both original and have a long shelf life.”

Along with his brother Jerry, the two own Ozone Productions, a Boston-based animation/design production house. Together they created the first independently produced animated web series that earned an Emmy Award in 2007, “It's JerryTime!” (http://www.itsjerrytime.com). They were included in the Wall Street Journal’s “10 New Media Moguls” that same year.


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