Proof Inc., One Of Hollywood’s Leading Pre-Vis Houses, Names Katie Wells As Executive Produce


Last Updated: March 7, 2013 4:56 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--March 7, 2013) Proof Inc., one of the film industry's leading pre-visualization houses, has named Katie Wells its Executive Producer. The announcement was made by Ron Frankel, Proof 's founder and Creative Director.

In her new post, Wells will help manage the company's ongoing expansion and work closely with Visual Effects Supervisors and Producers, as well as commercial clients. Her work will involve tailoring Proof’s services to define and enhance creative content, define the technical needs of highly complex live-action sequences, and create efficiencies in the application of production and post-production resources.

Mr. Frankel said, “Katie has an extensive background and long-established relationships with countless directors, VFX Supervisors, and Visual Effects executives at the studios. Her deep understanding of the A-Z process of visual effects and pre-vis, combined with her live-action experience, will be invaluable to Proof as technologies continue to blur the lines between production and postproduction. In this new environment, the services we provide have become crucial in providing a 'blueprint' to help execute a filmmaker's vision in the most efficient manner possible."


Katie Wells began her career wanting to work in commercials for directors like Ridley Scott. She moved to Los Angeles from her native Ohio, and within a few years managed not only to work at RSA, but also as a Line Producer / U.P.M. for many of the industry's top directors, including Ridley Scott, Joe Pytka, David Fincher, David Lynch and Jake Scott. She subsequently worked on staff at Propaganda Films, managing a roster that included David Kellogg, Michael Bay, and Anthony Hoffman.

Digital Domain recruited Katie, where she became Head of Commercial Production, moving from live-action to animation and visual effects. After leaving Digital Domain, Katie established a reputation as a business performance specialist, working as an executive for live-action and visual effects companies undergoing expansions or turnarounds and helping to maximize their potential. She served as Executive Producer/Managing Director for Backyard Productions, 525 Studios, and CREO (a Post Logic Company).

Katie was Executive Producer for the Quebec based FX Cartel, helping productions utilize tax credit strategies to package individual and boutique vendors and managing the combined entities to deliver VFX for films including “Stay,” “Cursed,” “Across the Universe,” “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” and “Bolden.” She has also worked as a consulting VFX Producer for films such as “War of Gods (Immortals,”) the upcoming “Riddick 3,” and as a 3D production consultant on “Smurfs.”

In addition, Katie was Associate Producer for Julia Roberts’ Red Om production of “Jesus Henry Christ,” directed by Dennis Lee.


Pre-Vis (short for Previsualization) is the term for a detailed animated sequence, created during preproduction, which is used to test and prove-out complicated action sequences and camera moves in order to save time and money during live action production. Pre-Vis is the next generation of digital prototyping for entertainment and advertising. POV specializes in creating a computer animated version of its clients’ content quickly and inexpensively, allowing content producers to experiment, revise, budget, schedule and eventually produce their own projects with huge cost savings.


Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles by Ron Frankel, Proof Inc. is one Hollywood’s leading providers of high-quality visualization services for the feature film and live entertainment industries. The company’s recent projects have included “Hansel & Gretel,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “”The Hunger Games,” “Underworld: Awakening 3D,” “Fast Five,” and “The Green Hornet,” to name just a few.

From the start of development through to delivery, the talented digital artists of Proof help filmmakers tell their stories and realize their visions. Whether a major studio feature film, a large-scale architectural installation, a TV commercial, or a live concert, Proof’s unique blend of visual artistry and technical expertise ensures that the company’s work on any project is as accurate as it is evocative.

Proof specializes in four areas of creative services:

Pre-vis: A collaborative process using 3D animation software and real-time computer graphics to generate preliminary versions of shots or sequences, Pre-vis provides a virtual space within which decision-makers can explore new ideas, plan technical solutions, and communicate a shared vision to the entire production team.

Virtual Production: New Virtual Production techniques are being employed on shows ranging from big budget tent-pole feature films to modest, yet ambitious, indie projects. Proof provides on-set visualization, the synchronization and compositing of live photography with 2D or 3D virtual elements, for immediate visual feedback.

Post-vis: This is a creative process whereby filmmakers can direct the parts of their film that weren’t captured during photography because they were either impractical or impossible to get in camera. During Post-vis, CG elements are combined with production photography to provide placeholder visual effects shots and to refine visual effects design.

Event Visualization: Proof’s artists have the ability to create accurate virtual design spaces for any event, ranging from a fashion show to a concert to a real-estate development to a multi-media projection against a tall building. These visual elements can then be evaluated, revised, approved and distributed to team members for fabrication and construction purposes.

Proof's Headquarters Office is located at 5150 Wilshire Blvd., Suite # 300, LA, CA, 90036. The phone is 323/465-6930 and the website is:


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