Qube Cinema Installs 4K 3D System at Moody Gardens


Single-Server Setup Enhances Viewing Experience on Giant Screen

Last Updated: March 19, 2013 5:43 pm GMT
(Galveston, Texas--March 19, 2013) Qube Cinema installed its single-server 4K 3D system at Moody Gardens in advance of the GSCA Film Expo and Digital Symposium happening now in Galveston, Texas. The single Qube XP-I server delivers 4K stereoscopic imagery to two Barco 4K projectors each with its own embedded Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB). Moody Gardens now joins the ranks of giant screen theaters in North America with 4K 3D capabilities, offering visitors stunning stereo digital imagery.

The MG 3D Theater at Moody Gardens upgraded from film to digital two years ago with two 4K Barco projectors and a 2K server. Because they wanted to show high-resolution content, they immediately began the search for a server and integrated media block that could deliver the full 4K power of their two Barco 4K projectors. Their search led them to the Qube Cinema XP-I server, which offers up to 1 Gbps throughput of uncompressed data to paired Xi 4K IMBs, delivering 4K resolution at 30 fps or 2K 3D content up to 120 fps per eye.

“The only server and IMB technology we saw that could deliver 4K 3D content was the Qube XP-I server,” said Brandon Compton, theater director at Moody Gardens. “Its high frame rate and high bit rate capabilities offer a much improved viewing experience to our audiences.”

In addition to its HFR 3D capabilities, the XP-I server can synchronize dual DLP projectors, thus increasing screen brightness for 3D exhibition to 14 foot-lamberts, a level which is comparable to that of 2D screenings. This is especially pertinent for giant screens like the 80’ by 60’ screen at the MG 3D Theater where high brightness adds greatly to the power of the experience. But it’s the ease of operation that has really impressed the staff at Moody Gardens.

“The results of audience surveys are consistently great, with high marks for image clarity,” noted Compton. “The big difference from our perspective is in the equipment booth. The XP-I makes it so simple to ingest content and build show files. Qube has made life a lot easier for the guys in the booth.”

Moody Gardens Set to Host the GSCA Film Expo and Digital Symposium
Established in 1986, Moody Gardens is an educational center in Galveston that uses nature for recreation, rehabilitation and research. The giant screen theater, in operation for over twenty years, was one of the first attractions at the center. In 2012, the MG 3D Theater made history by demonstrating high bit-rate stereoscopic 4K projection for the first time from a single Qube XP-I server and two Qube Xi 4K IMBs at its digital cinema symposium.

“Qube Cinema remains the only manufacturer capable of delivering dual-projector 4K 3D,” said Eric Bergez, director of sales and marketing for Qube Cinema. “Along with our ability to playback from a single DCP, the Qube XP-I and Xi 4K IMB provide our GSCA clients with the power to playback large format DCPs at bitrates four times greater than the standard DCI spec. The system also supports extreme HFR at 120 fps per eye on all our dual-projector configurations.”

With installation of the Qube XP-I server and Xi 4K IMBs, Moody Gardens joins the giant screen theaters of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Peoria Riverfront Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the National Museum of the United States Air Force using Qube Cinema technology to present true 4K 3D movies, such as The Last Reef and Flight of the Butterflies. The MG 3D Theater remains unique in being able to screen both 15:70 films as well as digital content.

After hosting its own digital cinema symposium for the past two years, Moody Gardens is pleased to host the GSCA Film Expo and Digital Symposium, Mar. 18-21, 2013 in Galveston. Attendees to the GSCA symposium can see demonstrations of the Qube Cinema setup. The Qube XP-I server and Qube Xi 4K IMB are available from Qube Cinema and its worldwide network of resellers and system integrators. For more information visit http://www.qubecinema.com.

About Qube Cinema, Inc.
Qube Cinema is an international manufacturer of Digital Cinema technology and mastering solutions. A subsidiary of India-based Real Image Media Technologies, Qube Cinema draws on decades of experience in media, cinema and entertainment. The company is committed to creating a seamless Digital Cinema environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and postproduction companies with technologies that are innovative, flexible and cost-effective. Qube Cinema’s product lines include the Qube XP series of digital cinema servers, Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block, QubeMaster software solutions, and Qube Keysmith KDM generation system. Qube Cinema, Inc. is based in Burbank, California. For more information, visit http://www.qubecinema.com.


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