NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference: GTC Morning Call - Day Three


Last Updated: March 21, 2013 4:48 pm GMT

Listening Hard. A system that handles speech recognition 5x faster than real time, drawing on a 1 million word vocabulary, is the topic of a talk by Jungsuk Kim, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. He’ll describe how the large vocabulary speech-recognition engine performs decoding on CPU, GPU and hybrid CPU/GPU platforms. 9am, Room 231.

Digging into GRID. Technologies behind NVIDIA’s GRID cloud-gaming platform, and how they can be integrated into other products, is the focus of a talk by Franck Diard, chief software architect at NVIDIA. He’ll dig into elements that allow optimal capture, efficient compression, fast streaming and low latency display for high-end games. 9:30am, Room 230B.

Pedal to the Metal for GPUs. One of the car industry’s design visionaries, Chrysler’s Ralph Gilles, provides a behind-the-scenes look at how GPUs advance every step of the auto development process – from initial concepts and engineering phases through to product assembly and marketing. He’ll cover how Chrysler uses GPUs to build better, safer cars more quickly. 11am, Hall 2.

GPUs and a Galaxy Far, Far Away. GPUs are increasingly being used in real-time signal processing for radio-astronomy telescopes. Learn about the future of this new application from Harshavardhan Reddy Suda, of Pune, India’s GMRT Observatory. 3pm, Room 111.

Computing the Cure. By sifting through massive volumes of genomics data, GPUs are being used to find a cure for cancer. Learn more from BingQiang Wang, head of HPC at BGI, formerly known as Beijing Genomics Institute. 4pm, Room 114.

First-Person Effects. Some 6 million copies of the Borderlands 2 shooter have been sold so far, helped along by its stunning variety of CUDA-accelerated effects. Hear how GPUs enhanced the game’s visual fidelity from NVIDIA’s Kevin Newkirk and Gearbox Software’s Jim Sanders. 4pm, Marriott Ballroom 4.

Mark your calendars. Next year’s GTC will take place on March 24-27, same place, San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center. If you can’t wait until next year, join the GPU gang at GTC Japan 2013 on July 30, at the Tokyo Midtown Hall and Conference Center.

Clarity of Mission. “Dying is a bad user experience,” observed Honda Research Institute’s Victor Ng-Thow-Hing. “You have to think carefully and not trivially when you incorporate augmented reality in a car.”

Boxed In. Though packed to the gills, the audience for the Pixar talk initially held back when the Q&A segment came along. So, the moderator pulled out a strong incentive: “If we don't ask questions, we have to move on to box lunches.”

Metaphor of the Day. Showing great flair for explaining very complicated science, keynoter Erez Lieberman Aiden described his genetics work in some indelible phrases. He compared the relationship between fractal globules and equilibrium globules to pre-packaged ramen noodles at different cooking stages.

A Matter of Perspective. At most trade shows, the question most asked of Fazel Adabi, Lamborghini’s rep on the show floor, is how fast the Aventador goes (answer: 217 mph). The most frequent question he’s asked at GTC: What’s the material composition of the hyper car’s body? (answer: carbon-fiber reinforced plastic).

Atkins Alert. Those left hungry by the garnish-sized lunch salad proffered in plastic jewel boxes were more than assuaged by the surf and turf served up at the cocktail reception.

Golden Ticket. Lucky winners of Tegra-based tablets in the daily drawing among those who filled out survey session forms were Dirk Pleiter, of Juelich Supercomputing Centre, and Julia Nguyen Kim, of Sportvision.

Paul Philleo @philpauleo Amazing stat: 10% of all pics ever taken were taken in 2012 and over 300 billion pics are on FB--Ian McReady, CEO @cortexica #GTC2013

Taylor Wimberly @wimbet Oculus VR is the coolest demo I played with at #GTC13 http://instagr.am/p/XF6GxdFonF/

Patrick Moorhead @PatrickMoorhead Ok, the Tesla S drives great. I want one. #GTC13 http://sdrv.ms/WIGdFL

Bright Side of News* @BrightSideNews Turns out @NVIDIATesla GPGPU card only takes 5min, 42 sec to compute 600 million correlations of human genome. CPU can't do it at all #GTC13

AMAX @AMAXInfoTech Seeing some amazing topics @ #GTC2013. GPUs are even accelerating into Big Data! Our ClusterMax series is a good fit.

eyeon Software Inc @eyeonSoftware Douglas Trumbull visionary pioneer describes new filmmaking process #GTC2013. Includes Steve Roberts and eyeon http://bit.ly/YXaiQA


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