XDT to Launch New Catapult Suite at NAB 2013


New version of Catapult Bridge redefines cloud-based WAN workflows

Last Updated: March 24, 2013 10:06 am GMT
(Melbourne, Australia--March 24, 2013) XDT Pty. Ltd., a developer of advanced software-based solutions for high-speed data transfers, announced it will launch the latest version of its flagship Catapult suite of products, including simplified fast access to cloud-based storage via NFS and CIFS, at NAB 2013.

Catapult Bridge offers direct access to cloud-based or remote storage via NFS and Samba protocols. Eliminating the use of custom client applications or watch folder workflows to transfer data over WAN networks, Catapult Bridge provides a seamless path over latent networks. With more and more broadcasters and post facilities moving towards decentralizing their data and accessing “storage as a service”, Catapult Bridge bridges the gap between common network protocols and high speed WAN transfer protocols like Catapult.

“Broadcasters and post facilities can now access cloud-based storage the same way they are using local storage”, says Erik Otto, CEO at XDT. “Catapult Bridge provides a standard local network share to internal networks whilst optimizing the traditionally inefficient WAN transfers transparently in the background, making the process seamless and efficient. We expect more of our customers to move to this type of workflow in the future, and so have developed our suite of products to meet that need.”

Redefining networked media transfers and review, the Catapult suite of products delivers unprecedented point-to-point performance by utilizing standard networking infrastructure. The Catapult protocol also addresses the shortcomings of common network protocols and bridges the gap between LAN and WAN transfers which extends to Jpeg200 in transit compression and remote review of uncompressed frame sequences.

About XDT Pty Ltd:

XDT Pty. Ltd. is a developer of advanced software-based solutions for digital film. Its unique Catapult technology redefines media transfers over local and wide area networks for digital intermediate and post-production workflows. Catapult delivers unprecedented performance for point-to-point media transfers and high resolution uncompressed frame review over standard networking infrastructure.

For further information, contact XDT Pty Ltd, tel: +61 (0) 3 9549 1120; fax: +61 (0) 3 9549 1199, info@xdt.com.au, http://www.xdt.com.au


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