Meet Award Winning Timelapse Director & Cinematographer Colin Rich at NAB 2013


Last Updated: March 26, 2013 7:38 pm GMT
(Burbank, California--March 26, 2013) Matthews Studio Equipment is happy to announce that Award-Winning Director/Cinematographer Colin Rich, who shot to fame last year with his timelapse films LA Night and NightFall, is set to make special appearances at the Matthews Studio Equipment Booth #5437 at 11 AM and 3PM, Monday, April 8th and Tuesday April 9th.

Rich will be showing footage from his groundbreaking timelapse films shot throughout the city of Los Angeles at night and also some of the ghostly shots from his short Town of Ghosts which was shot in Bodie, CA. Rich has used Matthews’ support equipment, especially the FloatCam DC Slider and Motion Control System support for his last several projects.

Hear him talk about how he snuck behind the Hollywood sign, distracted guards and gangs throughout the city, to capture thousands of images of the pulse of a town. The result, a visual voyage through Los Angeles, elegantly capturing the city’s energy and vibrance. NightFall and LA Light became two of the most watched Internet videos when they went viral on Vimeo.

Rich’s efforts won him a Webby Award, an Aurora Award for Directing and Cinematography, and Certificates of Recognition from LA’s City Council and City Hall.

Next, he turned to his next subject, the ghost town Bodie. With this video Rich hopes to bring attention to the town that Mark Twain made famous, before funding dries up and the town disappears from our rich Western history. Rich not only took the FloatCam DC Slider through the streets and into the mines, he was able to capture images from rusticated interiors, showing the beauty and the hardship of a time gone bay.

Rich will also discuss his just wrapped music video for Moby, done in collaboration with Mark Lanigan of the Screaming Trees. These two forces in the music world recently came together for the song Lonely Night. Rich took two FloatCam DC Sliders, the RED Epic camera and a major amount of support from Matthews on a rolling caravan through the deserts of Southern California and the Salton Sea as well as other areas.

A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied cinematography and directing, Rich began his career at Panavision, New York. While working at Panavision, Rich heard cinematographer Alwin Kuchler BSC, camera operator Bruce MacCallum and first AC Stanley Fernandez discussing timelapse shots for the film Morning Glory. Rich showed Kuchler shots from his timelapse reel that he was building during his spare time and Kuchler hired him as his assistant on the spot. Eventually, Rich moved back to his native Los Angeles, and began working on various projects of his own. The result, several amazing timelapse and space projects that got deep into the heart and soul of his subjects.

An energetic and enthusiastic speaker, Rich balances a unique vision for his subject matter with practical application of how to best capture his images and his choices of support that make this images as vibrant as they are.

Come to the Matthews Studio Equipment Booth #5437 on Monday April 8th or Tuesday April 9th, at 11 AM or 3 PM and catch Rich’s enthusiasm for his subjects – and the support that Matthews brought to making them happen.

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