Broadcast Industry Veterans Launch Global Media Consulting Firm


MediAnswers brings media management vision to vendors, integrators and end users across multiple industries

Last Updated: March 27, 2013 11:16 pm GMT
(Colorado Springs, Colorado--March 27, 2013) The launch of a consulting firm during the NAB Show buildup appears typical on the surface, but it is rare to have two well-known industry names like Chris Lennon and Peter Storer at its core. This is the case with MediAnswers, a new global company focused on media management and workflow optimization for broadcast and beyond.

Lennon and Storer bring a long history of software and workflow-oriented expertise that will help their customers work more efficiently and save money. Lennon notes that MediAnswers was built to address what often seem like insurmountable tasks in streamlining media operations. This includes helping broadcasters and non-traditional media users integrate their media assets and systems more smoothly, touching everything from video and audio to print and “big data”.

For broadcasters, it is especially challenging where multiplatform delivery is involved. “There is tremendous pressure now for broadcasters to optimize spots and programs across all these different distribution platforms, from over the air to over the top,” said Lennon, president and CEO. “Small inefficiencies become multiplied in these situations. We exist to help organizations step back and take a holistic view of the entire workflow instead of focusing on one problem.”

Most media consultants focus on expertise in equipment and facility construction. MediAnswers instead brings expertise starting from program acquisition and ad agency commercial management all the way through the entire media workflow to the transmission point.

Storer, who serves as MediAnswers’ Executive Vice President, believes that MediAnswers is ideally equipped to serve all types of organizations, broadcast and otherwise, as they transition from primarily hardware-driven to software-centric operations.

“This is a process fraught with challenges for vendors and their customers alike,” said Storer. “These organizations are tasked with learning to manage and organize large media resources, capture and reflect the appropriate metadata, and incorporate it into their everyday workflows and archives. These day-to-day media management aspects are critical to what broadcasters, and to another degree, other non-traditional media companies are experiencing.”

Lennon’s long and successful career with Harris Broadcast, Encoda and Enterprise Systems, as well as his time as a broadcaster, perfectly blends with Storer’s ground-up success with leading program and contract rights management firm StorerTV. Lennon points to his and Storer’s experience in standards development, including BXF (Broadcast eXchange Format), as one example of the unique skills they bring to such projects.

“BXF is a shining example of what can be accomplished in evaluating a broken ecosystem of media components, and bringing it all together for system-wide efficiency,” said Lennon. “Our goal is to deliver workflow harmony and improve overall ROI by streamlining systems. We help our customers achieve what they visualized when they originally decided to transition to software-centric workflows.”

About MediAnswers
MediAnswers is a ground-up new approach to broadcast consultancy, specializing in software interconnectivity, workflow optimization, and the integration of old and new media. Chris Lennon brings 25 years of experience working in all aspects of both software and hardware broadcast systems, while Peter Storer’s career spans radio, network, TV rep firm, station, and software vendor companies. Both have been involved in standards work for many years and will bring their unique talents together to solve your particular problem.


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