Director/Photographer Charlie Wan Joins CHRLX Beauty Collective


Last Updated: March 29, 2013 8:20 pm GMT
(New York City, New York--March 29, 2013) Director/Photographer Charlie Wan has joined the creative collective at CHRLX Beauty, a boutique division of CHRLX. A former art director in the motion graphics industry, Wan’s credits span a wide variety of projects including stage visuals for The Rolling Stones' world tour and 2010’s record-breaking Super Bowl halftime show for rock legends The Who. His fashion and beauty clients include L'Oreal Professionnel, Pinko, Fred Perry, Oribe Hair Care, Chi, Farouk System and

Wan’s fellow collaborators at CHRLX Beauty include executive producer Corey Budro, beauty retouch artist/flame compositor Philana Dias and editor/animator Kyle Derleth.

“We’re excited to have Charlie join this creative-driven collective because, like us, he is passionate about advancing whatever medium he works in,” said Budro. “We have been doing high-end work in the commercial arena for a long time, collaborating with directors like Darren Aronofsky, Pierluca De Carlo and CHRLX director Ryan Dunn. Our recent internal projects have allowed us to push the creative boundaries beyond the current landscape of beauty advertising, stuff that advertisers aren't necessarily doing yet. Adding Charlie to our roster only helps to further that creative goal."

Wan is drawn to the CHRLX Beauty collective and their shared thirst for adventure. “My goal is to create a new aesthetic and voice in the beauty industry,” said Wan, who garnered attention last year for “BLOOM,” an award-winner at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. He is quickly becoming one of the preeminent directorial voices in fashion films. “CHRLX Beauty offers a new approach to creating something exciting in fashion and beauty, a group of artists dedicated to the holistic marriage of VFX, design, and live-action.”

“It’s important to us that every project feels curated and special,” said Budro. “That begins with the core talent infused into the culture of our collective. Bringing a photographer and filmmaker of Charlie’s caliber into the fold is fantastic not only for CHRLX Beauty but for the greater good of the CHRLX team.”

CHRLX Beauty is finishing up an internal piece that traces the origin of lipstick in the style of Kubrick's 2001. In addition, Wan, and CHRLX Beauty are about to go into production on an internal piece tentatively called “Lean on Me,” a poetically choreographed vision of the delicate balance of relationships and their beauty.


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