Softron Announces New Technology, Upgrades and Integration for Mac-based Broadcast Applications


Last Updated: March 31, 2013 1:37 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, NV--March 31, 2013) Softron Media Services, a leading worldwide supplier of Mac based broadcast applications is pleased to announce new technology, upgrades and integration at their booth SL 12416 at NAB 2013.

Softron's new Smart Playout Engine is the latest innovation by Softron. It is the core playout engine that will soon be built into all of Softron's applications. The Smart Playout Engine outputs almost any codec imaginable, e.g. i-Frame, long-GOP, H.264, MPEG2, in both QuickTime and MXF containers (without requiring any additional software). It will also allow the overlay of animated graphics and CG over the same video output. Softron's Smart Playout Engine will either playout on a video card or stream directly to the Internet (ideal for WebTV.) It can even do both at the same time. Once this new technology is combined with Softron's client-server applications, Softron's users will streamline their hardware configurations and workflow – in many cases creating new users who want to bypass the “traditional” broadcasting methods..

MovieRecorder version 2.5 adds new capabilities to Softron's MovieRecorder ingest application which is now approaching its sixth year on the market. In use at over two thousand television stations, houses of worship, post-production facilities, research and sports facilities, MovieRecorder is the perfect application for bringing video into the Mac. Its easy to use interface allows users to record or schedule recordings in SD or HD formats. Clips can be used instantly by applications such as Apple's Final Cut Pro 7 and X, Adobe's Premiere 6.5 and Avid's Media Composer to edit-while-ingesting. MovieRecorder Pro supports recording to multiple destinations, proxy generation, loop recording, metadata tagging, deck control and batch capturing. MovieRecorder Control, a free Softron application that can be installed on any Mac on the network, provides regular control as well as remote gang control of all or selected MovieRecorder ingest channels. iPhone and iPad apps for remote control of single or multiple ingest stations. The latest release of MovieRecorder supports:

-autostart on TC so each MovieRecorder will automatically sense incoming time code and begin recording immediately
-XDCAM HD422 support
-remote client-server deck control so that any deck attached to any ingest station can be controlled from any other networked-enabled Mac.

OnTheAir Manager uses Softron's client-server Node architecture, the foundation of all of Softron's new playout applications. Released two years ago, OnTheAir Node offers single or multichannel playout reliability unparalleled on Macs. OnTheAir Manager takes broadcast scheduling to a new level by offering a calendar-like interface coupled with an advanced playlist editor with features such as media validation, clip and event attributes, hierarchical playlists (playlists within playlists,) built-in switcher support, EAS, EPG, and CG. OnTheAir Manager adds to its functionality with several new features such as:

-Trigger AppleScripts automatically with certain clips, events or playlist in order to control external applications
-a logo file using the same name as the clip file will automatically be overlaid on output, thus enabling the automatic association of thousands of logo files and clips without manual intervention.
-XML schedule import opening up broad support for integration with third party scheduling and traffic systems,
-copy/paste events

Announced at last year's NAB. MovieStreamer HLS is an AV Foundation ingest application that streams adaptive HTTP Live Streams to Intranets, FTP sites and Amazon S3 destinations. The sleek interface makes it easy to begin streaming the highest quality video simply by clicking on a few checkboxes. HTTP Live Streaming is the only way to stream to iOS devices – iPhones, iPods, iPads and Android devices, and thanks to players such as JW Player from Long Tail Video users can stream output from MovieStreamer HLS both to HLS and Flash capable devices. Softron's latest release has added:

-high-resolution QuickTime capture so that not only will the live stream go out to its intended destination, but a high-resolution archive of the live stream that can be used later for VOD or to edit will be saved on the system.

About Softron Media Services

Softron Media Services is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Its US affiliate, Intelligent Broadcasting Solutions is based in Las Vegas, NV. Softron has been providing Macintosh based video and audio solutions for 30 years. Softron applications are in use at small, midsize and large broadcasters throughout the world and have been used to broadcast everything from the World Cup and Beijing Olympics to single channel public service stations regular television programming. What distinguishes Softron Media Services is the company’s long dedication to providing the highest professional quality video support for Apple’s Macintosh platform. Softron Media Services’ applications offer intelligent and easy to use interfaces. Softron Media Services software applications are available online and by Apple ProVideo specialists throughout the world. Resellers are listed on the Softron Media Services’ website (


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