MTVA Expands and Accelerates Archiving for Hungarian Public Broadcasters with NOA Tools


Last Updated: April 3, 2013 6:14 pm GMT
(Vienna, Austria--April 3, 2013) MTVA, the provider of production services and media asset management to Hungary’s public service broadcasters, has accelerated its archiving operation with a package of technology from NOA Audio Solutions. The new installation allows MTVA to improve the efficiency of its existing archiving operation, and NOA has provided an additional rental solution enabling MTVA to meet a pressing deadline for the archiving of 10,000 DAT tapes.

The DAT archiving system is based around NOA’s MediaLector tool, which provides mass-migration of up to eight parallel stereo sources with sophisticated media handling and BLER analysis, delivering a 100% documented audio transfer with a digitisation proof-stamp written to the database along with the audio material.

MTVA, which provides services to public broadcasters MTV, Duna TV, and MR as well as to the national news agency MTI, has used NOA technology since 2006 and this upgrade includes the latest jobDB™ workflow tools, including NOARecord, CDLector and DBScripter. MTVA has also extended its capabilities with the addition of MediaButler and the Uniport tools FolderScanner, FileCollector, WaveScanner. Integration with MTVA’s in-house MAM system is via standard XML interfaces.

“The MediaLector system gives us very reliable BLER overview and that means we can reduce the amount of time to check the quality of the audio down to a minimum,” said Peter Jako, Technical Manager, MTVA. “We have now digitized around 120,000 of the 905,000 items in the archive and these new tools will help us maximise operational efficiency with the remaining workload. NOA provided us with a very convenient rental package that enables us to meet the requirement for a DAT archiving project without a heavy capital investment.”

The jobDB system allows users to set up workflows for the ingest, reshaping, and analysis of media as required for archiving, retranscoding, or other complex business processes. Designed to bring all the scalability and efficiency of automated processes to the media asset management environment, jobDB reduces the cost of setting up and executing workflows while allowing quality assurance standards within the workflow to be improved.
“These upgrades provide MTVA with a well-integrated serverside solution with the possibility of Service Console Connection and we are especially pleased that MTVA has found our rental package of high end hardware and software so helpful in meeting its business goals,” said Christophe Kummer, CEO of NOA Audio Solutions.

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About MTVA
MTVA was formed in 2001 to manage and operate production, commissioning and purchasing of content for Hungary’s three public service media organizations and nation newsagency. Supporting four television channels, eight radio channels, the MTI news agency and an extensive online presence, MTVA is a cornerstone of Hungarian broadcasting and media.

About NOA
NOA is the leading global provider of flexible turnkey solutions for quality-controlled digitizing, archiving, description and retrieval of AV and other media content. Scalable to suit collections of all sizes, NOA’s product families, ingestLINE™, mediARC™, actLINE™ and jobDB™, not only help ensure long-term preservation of media, but also support enterprise-wide collaboration, efficiency, and productivity by enabling fast and accurate identification and retrieval of clips from the full range of an enterprise’s archive. NOA’s easy-to-use proprietary technologies are today installed in some 20 high-profile enterprises worldwide, including Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT), Yleisradio Finland (YLE), Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV), Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico and the Austrian Broadcaster ORF. With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, NOA is committed to the ongoing development of innovative technologies to ensure the maintenance of invaluable cultural heritage for future generations. For detailed information please visit the NOA website at

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